Astounding August: Quote of the month

“The power of one: everything that has added up to great numbers started from the number ‘one’”

― Temitope Idowu

One, a small, almost invisible word… nearly faint as a whisper, yet stupefying-ly deep.

One thought, one dream, one decision to act;

One step joins another, and a new path is carved.

One word, one smile, is how communities survive,

One me, one you, is all it takes to make things right.

Every matter matters, and nothing is too small to make an impact. Do something with your heart today, even if you think it is inconsequential. Dispose your garbage properly, say your hello with a keen smile, help a lost passerby, compliment a stranger.

Just one action, and you may be saving someone’s day, saving a life, or just making someone’s life easier to live.

Go out there and be all of you selflessly. We cannot all be heroes but we can be memorable — in how we play our parts and do the little things we do, simply yet heartily.

Here is wishing you a most astounding month ahead. ♡♡