Amazing April: Quote of the month

“A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect. You get what you tolerate.”

Dr. Henry Cloud

Define boundaries. Within yourself, decide how much is too much for you, define when enough is enough. Decide when it is okay to move on. Your life, your terms. No one should define when it is okay to balk out of that toxic relationship, or tell you when to put your love on hold because it is not being reciprocated. No one should tell you when it is time to pursue your dreams or how long is too long to wait for your miracle.

Define who says what to you. Define what who says to you. Define what you say to whom. Define whom you say what to.

There is family and there are friends; most of whom would wish us well… but we must define the point at which “well-meaning-ness” becomes an invasion of privacy and a shaming of personal judgment.

Point is, it is YOUR life, and it is only what you open yourself to that has a chance to influence you. Be protective of your soul. Draw visible lines and set up walls where you must. You have every right to want what you want and abhor what you don’t want. Your choices are valid. Your preferences are valid. Mess up seven times, come back eight. People will only make you feel inadequate when you give them the power to.

Here is wishing you an amazing month of April. <3!