Joyful June: Quote of the month

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth”

– Rumi

I know those methods are tested and approved, and life is somewhat riddled with clear do’s and don’ts… so what more might you possibly need? I know too, trust me, that it is hard to chart a new course. Yes, Thomas Edison did, and so did Isaac Newton– they thought out of the box, they created something new, ingenious even! But you, you, you cannot dare, because what if it fails? Besides, there are those limitations you foresee– lack of this, and too little of that; so why not embrace the ambience of your comfort zone, and cast out anything that seems even a tad out of the norm? And mama thinks it is too risky, and papa says it is a sheer waste of time because it never worked for him. Your best friend thinks you should go for it, but your siblings admonish you to focus on the pretty life you have been gifted with. And you? You don’t know. Maybe not, because maybe it will fail– and mama would be right, and papa will be right too. And your siblings, they will be mad… And you might be irredeemably sad.

Yes, I understand how difficult it might be sometimes to follow your guts: everyone has got an opinion or two about its possible outcome, but you haven’t even got a clue on how it will go or a justifiable reason on why it shouldnt matter that you don’t. But know this, sometimes, there is no greater cause or reason for action, than the need to act.

I hope you find the courage to do what is best for you, even when the world vows to go against you. And I hope too, that the journey fulfils you, and that the outcome enriches your soul.

Happy Joyful June! ♡