Marvelous May: Quote of the month

“Until you make up your mind that there is no going back, you will always feel like you left something behind.”


Surround yourself with energy that uplifts you, friends that inspire and motivate you, people who give as much as you are willing to deliver, family that understands you and not just tolerates you.

If you think you deserve better, maybe you do. Make up your mind today to eject and consciously detach yourself from toxic people and situations. Don’t be afraid to walk away! Don’t be afraid to be unavailable! “What-if’s” and “Maybe’s” will always hold you grounded, keep you shuffling back and forth, leave you undecided and shackled… until you resolve to put one foot ahead of the other and refuse to look back. Yes, no condition is permanent and what looks like a terrible curse today might turn out to be an amazing blessing tomorrow, but be careful what you choose to fight for. Not every battle is yours to fight.

In summary:

1. Be honest with yourself. If it looks like too much bullshit, it probably is

2. Selflessness is pretty, but don’t forget to always look out for yourself

3. While looking out for yourself, be mindful of trampling on someone else’s feelings. I am not saying you should court everyone’s emotions, but make sure that whatever you are doing is with the best of intentions. Remember, karma is real.

4. Doing things with the best of intentions does not mean people will not get hurt. It’s life. Move on, pray for you and pray for them.

5. Pray for the grace of discernment

6. Everyone would have an opinion. Everyone would have a say. Let everyone do themselves while you do you. If the shoe hurts, pull it off! Yo, it’s your leg!

7. Stay healthy pumpkin. Positive vibes only. Be it. Receive it.

8. Always remember: Last last, we will all be alright.

Have a Marvelous May lovelies! ❤️