Serendipitous September: Quote of the month

“There are many things in life you can postpone, but love is not one of them.”

― Lang Leav

The only other thing worse than finding love at the wrong time, is loving the wrong person at the right time. Love happens, without warning or caution. It just goes, “poof, here i am, take me!” and we are faced with listless faceless choices, to act on it or act without it, none of which is easier than the other… none of which really does change a thing. Because relationship or not, barriers or not, possibilities or not, love happens when it happens, we love whom we love and it sucks! (Chris Evans). 

I hope that when love finds you, you are more than happy, and ready to be found. And I hope too, that you find love where you most desire that it be found, and for your sake, I hope what you desire is what you truly deserve.

Have a Serendipitous September darlings! ♡♡