Its 2103 baby!

The day is just beginning and you all have been all shades of amazing already. Goodness, what did I do to deserve you? Thank you.

So, I promised to dish out links on how to get our book (yass, its OUR BOOK, baby!) today. But because I tried to get the book ready in such a short time, there are some expected delays with it being ready in a format that I am more than happy to share with you guys on Okadabooks and Amazon. That said, I still gat you.

Because I am super elated to share this book with you and hear or read your thoughts on it, I have decided to share the PDF version at a token of N1,000. If you are interested in getting a copy today (pending the time that I am able to fix the glitches on the other platforms to give you the best reader experience that you deserve), please do the following to get a PDF copy in your inbox:

1. Pay your N1000 into the following account details: 0054041819, Access
2. Share a copy of your receipt or evidence of payment with me by email: dr2103.anonymous@gmail.com

It feels super surreal doing this, but you all have made it possible. Thank you. Please be kind to spread the word and also share your thoughts on the book when you can. As soon as the book becomes fully available on the other platforms, I will give you all an update.

I love and appreciate you.


© The Short Black Girl, 2020

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