Of Kindred Souls.

I really
just want to love you, simply.
I Haven’t got the words to concoct sweet poetry
But I own a heart,
That’s been there and back
In love and out
Swallowed and spat;
And I want to embrace you in it
Just place you gently,
side to side with
The kindred souls of men
That have kissed my heart awake
With the miracle of their love,
The betrayal of their departure–
And I really
Just want to love you, simply.
I can be your miracle, baby.


I really
Just want to hold you, lightly.
I am not as strong as I seem.
I am worn from love;
from nurturing hearts
That would proclaim the love of men that could never be me.
But I want to gather you, ever so tenderly
Hold you, in the places that you fear will cave in
You need me, I need you
You will breathe love into me,
I will save your heart from falling
The restlessness of your wandering soul
is calling out to the void in my own
And I really
just want to hold you, lightly.
You can belong with me, darling.


© The Short Black Girl, 2017.

10 thoughts on “Of Kindred Souls.

      1. Most certainly Dee. But first, I hope I find the courage to get to it.

        Thank you for coming through! I followed your comments on my piece featured on Sheedart’s Space, and it is a great honour to have you on here. 🙂


  1. Broken hearts and voids…
    There is an inherent danger in seeking out a heart worn from love – new wine can’t be put in old wineskin.
    A broken heart cannot serve as salve for another; mended hearts, healed, and recovered are those that can hold the new sprouts of love without the poisoning of flashbacks, bitterness and deja vus – no suspicions, no trust issues and no doubts.

    Heal, and then let love find you whole.

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    1. I totally agree with you. Much as there is always this need to rebound after a bout of love stories with fatal endings, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to heal first before going back out there. It is hard. But the right things aren’t always easy.

      That said, it is tempting to think that one can find a rare kinship in brokenness. It is the thought of that that birthed this poem…

      Thank you Doctor, for the subtle warning. We will go at this love thing, with open hearts and open minds. Learn a lesson or two, and hope to get better everytime. ♡♡

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      1. Kinship in brokenness leads to more brokenness; each heart wants to take solace from the other rather than tend the other; and that leads to more hurts and a worse state of disillusionment with love itself: shouldn’t a broken heart be the one most empathic and poised to love with reckless abandon?

        Lovely poem; I forgot to add the first time

        Liked by 1 person

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