Silent Night.

Once upon a night,
Sprawled on the silk of a lover’s chest,
There lay he, bespoke and enchanted;
Heart wanting for naught, but the quiet that seized the moment.
And sparkling were his eyes, you see
And rhythmic was his breath.
And while the moon gazed, and the stars blushed; wishing that someday, they too will feel the same,
The soul of he had been far gone
Nestled in the memories of another sylph
And so there was, on that silent night: a wandering soul, and one heart waiting to be undone,
As he, a stranger
lay in the arms of she, his unsuspecting lover.


“We love who we love, and it sucks.”

Chris Evans


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.

6 thoughts on “Silent Night.

  1. Magnificent and magical are these lines ME and the tale you spin….enthralling! 😍😇

    In the dead of the night lay two distant hearts, beating together apart! The heart of us mortals, who can know it? 😩

    A love triangle has never been so beguilingly depicted and portrayed! Plus, the quote fits seamlessly in….a hundred and one percent! 😁You go gurl, you more than brought this! Mwah!❤😄

    Liked by 1 person

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