Mother Universe.

Mother Universe,
Here, take my heart, a gift
And if I may, one favour ask, please
Find where it belongs
and entrust it with your ease.

The man, the one man my heart seeks
You know him, it’s our little girl-secret
And if you find him, Mother Universe,
one more favour, please?
Tell him I do not not ever think of him.

Tell him, the man in my dreams
To keep his smile, bright
And his heart, mother, should find no more grief
For I do not take lightly the pains of a lover
Tell him, my heart– it tears everytime he bleeds.

Mother Universe,
Here, take my heart, a gift
And if I may, one more favour ask, please
Find the one man that I love
Tell him, mother, he is so beautiful; how shall I not?


For the ones that we love deeply; against the tides of fate or the passage of time.


© The Short Black Girl, 2017.

14 thoughts on “Mother Universe.

  1. Oh Me, this poetic compose of an open letter plenty endears and those lines……they simply just melt the heart! ❤😄 However shall the great nurturer and the original mastermind, as it concerns the affairs of us mortals…Mother Universe, resist the urge to pitch in and grant this passionate appeal by one of her own to help finding that one special person who makes her heart pant, stop and race, all in one breath? 😊
    Paulo Coelho affirms this….’And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it’! You couldn’t have enlisted the help of none other than Mother Universe herself, she; who’s overtime gained this notoriety for being something of an ‘Ultimate or shall I say Perfect Matchmaker’; especially given that she’s forever been in this business of orchestrating and cooking up elaborate schemes in ensuring that her children cross paths and get together! And why not? If any knows best, its mother…..Mother Universe! 😂
    Trust me, ME; you couldn’t have entrusted your heart to a better person than her!😁 About your sweetly request, you best consider it done! ‘So I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you’- Paulo Coelho again! This is a done deal! Signed, sealed and delivered! 😉😃

    I legit heart this ME, it seizes and tugs at the heartstrings! 😍😀Keep on making magic with your pen and paint your not so little corner of the universe some more, in lively and life-filled colors of the rainbow Sparkly; you’re simply a dream….just! 😎 ❤

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    1. Ah, Thank you for your kind comment mami. And that Paulo Coehlo’s quote is just what I need. I think from the Alchemist, right?

      I find myself more endeared to the Universe and its vast magic these days, and the journey through this has been both revealing and relieving. There is so much to discover.

      Thanks again mami. You are a big inspiration and a source of encouragement. God’s blessings! ♡

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    2. Is it me or is Yemie as always having a comment longer than the post?! 😀
      And we always learn something new, get entertained and smile at her thought plus talk.
      That’s my sis!

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      1. Is it me or is Sueddie doing what he knows to do best….calling me out and shading me; by way of singing this yawner 😴😴😴 of a ‘longer-than-post-comment’ melody he’s been on for eons??? 😩 I’d been sooo damned! Sies! 😈😂

        You know you oughta just give it up and let up on me Sagely One doncha?! 🙉We’re who we are and this right here’s me, all me;…tis how I roll! Do you even dare to deal?! 😛😂

        It beats me why you always gotta get like this Su’eddie! You go off of the grid for a while and once you make it back to these plains; you don’t do so quietly…its always gotta be dramatic as you seek to announce your glorious presence by ruffling my feathers! 😕 Who does that??? 😞
        Well then, it totally worked and my full undivided attention’s all yours for the taking! 😩Question is…’Whatever can I do you for’?!😈Huh?! 😂😂😂

        Its always good to see you come on out here and take the edge off Su’eddie, busy bee that you are! 😁 You rock brotherly, yass; you do! Peace! 😇😄

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      2. Don’t do me o! Biko… Cool… And as usual, you must always show yasef again and again and again! It is you that does the disappearing act… And when we are blessed to find you somewhere, we always have to hola and ask, Aunty, hafa?

        Your writing that we have been begging to see masef you have refused to put it together… But when it is to yab and throw shade, you will be championing and going hop hand down like that… His hit fair?

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      3. WE are the rocks together biko… Do we have choice? Let us keep the rocks… 🙂

        How is your family and all your plenty waka? Don’t be doing your winchi winchi disappearing anyhow o… It is not good o!

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  2. Love this piece Rofiah, though I often consider Universe a father, a he 🙂 I love the style of this poem, I think it is a bit different from what your previous poems, with a bit of a touch of archaic rhyme I suppose? Anyways, love it so much~~


  3. Love this piece! though I often consider Universe a father, a he. I love the style of this poem, I think it is a bit different from what your previous poems, with a bit of a touch of archaic rhyme I suppose? Anyways, love it so much~~


    1. Hey there lovely Zoe! Thank you for stopping by.

      Yeah, i agree. It is a tad different from my usual style of writing. I guess I just love to try new things sometimes.

      Good to read from you as always! ❤


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