It’s in you!


“I think that you CAN, for all the reasons that you think you CANNOT. I think that you can just take that step, and make that leap. I think that the challenge is not beyond you, and you are the best person for it. I think that the only reason why you haven’t tried is that you’re afraid you’ll succeed. But hey, it’s in you! The potential for greatness, for excellence, for freedom to be who you want. The fight, the struggle, the loss, the battle, the win, the chuckle… you CAN do it! Please try.”

So this is a note from me to me, before everyone else. But even if I am yet to totally take in these words as I should, I hope they inspire somebody to JUST EFFING DO IT! Why? Because IT’S IN YOU.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.




Although you think you can’t.
Defy your shaking hands
And walk those weak knees
Move, stretch, reach,
Touch, breach,
Just try.

Although they say you can’t.
They don’t believe in you
But they don’t have to.
Go, do, break, take,
Make- believe, be,
Just try.

For fear is a lie
Because you can.
Defy those shaking hands
Take yourself by surprise.
To quell their doubtful thoughts
Try, Is what you must.
So try, and try again.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.