Here’s cheers to the gift of friendship; a bit of love from myself and Zoe, straight out of our handwritten friendship collection (P.S: I just me-bombed her version. Couldn’t help it!) 😘😗😚.


There’s a photograph of us
Some months back
Do you remember?

A stroll down the sea front
Silent monuments, drooling dogs, naughty winds
A selfie-
Your bright eyes, my messy hair
But the smile was perfect

There’s this photograph in your phone-
So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Remembering all the times we had
Wherever you go, knowing
That you’ll never be alone.

There’s a photograph of us
Some months back
An Autumn morning in October

A stroll down the sea-front
A souvenir of love, sleepy smiles, and joyful hearts
A selfie- that photo
My silly pout, your curious eyes
But the moment was ours

There’s this photograph of us in your phone
So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Hold me close, until our hearts meet
Knowing this memory ‘ll always be
Our own little magic.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


Girl Talk: Some Days.

On some days
I don’t feel beautiful
The lipstick don’t fit
And the powder won’t too
And i’ll take a dozen selfies
And make a few many poses
And think about you
And all the nice things you once said
But it just don’t feel
I just don’t feel


One day, a friend asked me “do you feel beautiful”, it didn’t take so long for me to reply– because I had been down that lane several times in my life. So I said “yeah, sometimes!” Then he went on, “And other times?”, and I replied “other times, I just don’t feel” — which is true. On those other days, I look at myself in the mirror and I just don’t quite see. I wear up to a dozen clothes and end up changing my mind on that “outing”, because it just don’t feel. And then I wonder– Is it just me? But that is not the case…

On another random day, another friend told me– out the blues “you are beautiful.” I blushed in my usual shy black way, and told him thanks. Then he went further and said “If at any point in your life, you ever have a doubt– just remember that me, who has nothing to gain by telling you this, says you are beautiful”… and that, that totally did me in. But again, that is not the case…

We are beautiful. I know I have written this time and time again– directly or indirectly– but I don’t think the emphasis is ever enough. On some days, your eyes will not see, and your heart will not feel, but just know you are beautiful. It is not in the colour, or the shape, or the texture, or the grace, or the make-up and make-down, or what he says or what they say– you are beautiful, in ways even you cannot begin to understand. And that is only half the truth.

Darling, you are beautiful. And if you ever have a doubt, remember that I, who has nothing to gain, and doesn’t even know you by name, once said “you are beautiful”, because I know it.


And for Music Lovers, Mehgan Trainor says “every inch of you is perfect.” 😉😘


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.

Monday musings: About Selfies.


First of all, Happy Marvellous May!

So I entered this bus this morning, and took my seat jejely in the third row or so, when one ‘corporate lady’ like that hopped in beside some man that had fixed himself beside the drivers seat just about the time I got in.

Few seconds later, I see a bright flash light from the drivers corner and peer forward out of curiosity. I realise it’s a flash light coming from ‘corporate lady’s’ Nokia Camera phone. She’s taking a picture!!! I am astonished, and amused at the same time. Who does that? And quickly, I think to myself, people got guts! Whoa.

I mean, I love taking selfies! But in a bus? With a stranger beside me? And that obnoxious flash light beaming into stranger’s half sleepy eyes at some time before 7 am on a Monday morning? No! Hell nur! And I can imagine she had the full selfie pout on throughout the gig. Gah!


So, I don’t know if this is just me being shy, or just plain paranoid, but mhan, people got guts!

Would you take a selfie anywhere??

Good morning people! And guess what? It’s Monday! 😀


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.