The new year awardee!!

About the award
This is an award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers. It affords the opportunity to appreciate, recognize and know more about the blogger behind the blog.

A Note of Thanks
I was nominated by Amity, the very lovely blogger whose works and deeds inspire me even more than she can think. I am floored that you find me inspiring, and this award right here means so much! I’d like to dedicate this award to everyone of you following my blog, reading and commenting because really without your supporting comments, I won’t be here. God bless you all!

Err, 7 things about Me, let’s see:
– I love love.

– I love art and the people that indulge in it. It makes me spellbound.

– I am a sapiosexual, yes.

– I am scopophobic. I hate stares, totally. (In between, thank you Sheedart for that word. Lool!)

– I am very weird, and I think that’s sexy. 😀

– I think I have contrasting personalities. The fun one, the shy one, the introvert, the extrovert, err.. #we are still discovering the others. 😀

– I feel so much, but show so little. Guess we all got to guard our hearts, eh? 😀

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My nominees are (and I break the rules again, albeit a little. Forgive me.): (yes baby, you’re a superstar. Lool!) (haven’t read much from your blog, but ‘ve conversed with you, and it’s been inspiring and educating)

To everyone, Me says Thank you!!!


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


Hey Folks!

Happy new year folks! Yeah, I know… I know, it’s the 8th of January already, bhet oh well, happy new year still! 😀

So I have a mantra for every month of the year and I’ll like to share with you. Err, it’s a little incomplete though, so I could use your suggestions on the bit.


January: Joyful January

February: Fulfilling February.

March: Magic March.

April: Amazing April

May: Marvellous May

June: Jubilee June

July: Jubilee July

August: Astounding August

September: Serene September

October: Overwhelming (Original, Joy- October)

November: Nostalgic November

December: Delightful December

We’ll see there’s a bit of an hitch in June, July and October. Any suggestions for me? Plus, maybe you got your own mantras for the months of the year, do share, we might love yours better! 😀


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.