Quiet peace.


On some days, I just want to be quiet. I want to withdraw from all conversations, relations, and all of those, into a small cubicle, hole, planet, space or place where it’s just me, my thoughts, loud blues from my headphone speakers, a big bottle of coke and a jar of cookies. At other times, I wish I could travel out to some place where no one knows me, and just be that random stranger on the road, in the bus, at the train station, or the airport. But then, I reckon, life is not a wish- granting factory (fault in our stars) and reality demands to be lived moment for moment …

Despite this, I gently await christmas which in my mind feels like tomorrow from all this raging optimism within me, so maybe Santa can hand me a free and harmless ticket to some place where I can meet my own quiet peace.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


Musings of a March Born.


It’s March and the day seems to draw closer still. Every now and then, I sit in quiet contemplation of my own life- the wins, and losses; the proud triumphs, and shameful mistakes and I keep wondering, are we there yet? It’s been a thorough past year, maybe the one in which ‘ve learnt the most lessons of my life so far, and despite the meltdowns, I am thankful- for the lessons, and the memories; the ties made, and the ones severed. I am grateful for every breath, and every tear shed because I know He didn’t give me more than I could comfortably bear.

It’s Magic March again, nearing that time of the month, and ‘m filled with as much ecstacy as can come with the anticipation of pure Magic.

I reckon it’s the 6th of March already, but nonetheless, happy Magic March people! 🙂


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.