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Today is one of those days when I feel too quiet for words. I have been grappling with writing these past days, and it’s beginning to really suck. I understand that ‘ve been quite busy to the teeth, but it’s still no excuse for my muse to go AWOL on me. That’s just rude! Anyway, to more interesting issues… just recently, I was nominated for the Sisterhood blog award by Yemie. She is one blogger who just knows how to light you up like a Christmas tree, and ever since I got this award, I been feeling like December. Thank you Madam Yemie for this, you rock to infinity.

The rules of this award are summarized below:
1. First, the award logo’s expected to be displayed openly on the recipient’s blogsite!
2. Next, the Blogger who nominated you must be thanked and put up for mention via a link that easily takes one back to their own sites!
3. Ten questions as posed by the Blogger who nominated you are expected to be answered!
4. You’re also mandated to nominate and notify ten Bloggers of your choosing and pass on the torch to them!
5. Finally, you get to task your nominees with any ten random questions that so tickles your fancy!

Here are the questions asked me by Yemie:
1. What’s your life’s philosophy?
Answer: Forgive, Forget and Learn. As we grow through life’s shades and stains, people teach us to forgive and forget. But what good is such healing, if we fail to learn from the process? Forgive those that hurt you, it doesn’t much as set them free as it does you. You’ll hurt yourself too sometimes, forgive… let yourself; it helps you grow. And then most importantly, you must teach yourself to forget the pain, but not the lesson.

2. One word that best describes you would be……?
Answer: Atypical.

3. What’s the one best thing for you ’bout being female?
Answer: Being able to challenge the norm in a world where little importance is attached to the worth of womanhood outside of making good wives, making babies and making families.

4. Given another chance at ‘Womanhood’, in say…. another life; will you chance or trade it in on a whim, for the other gender? Why?
Answer: I wouldn’t trade the experience of womanhood for anything in the world, because it doesn’t stop me from being who, what or where I want to be; if anything, it gives me a cause and a reason. It’s just purfect!

5. Who’s that one person, (could be your regular boy/girl next door or a celebrity crush or a pet or even a stuffed toy) you’d REALLY fancy being marooned with for three whole days and nights on a deserted island and why?
Answer: Me. In every literal and non-literal sense of the word. Hahha! I know, I know. I’m awesome like that.

6. What are the five most essentials you’ve gotta have, (as in couldn’t do without); in your handbag or purse at every one time?
Answer: Robb/Vaseline, Pen/Pencil, Notepad, Earpiece, and Phone(s).

7. Body Odour, B.O or Dragon Breath (bad breath)? Which do you consider the ‘lesser of two evils’….the one you can ‘stomach’ and put up with, if your very life depended on it? Note: Failure to choose one of these means you favor dying outrightly! Give this some deep thoughts, Babycakes!
Answer: Mami! This wan tuff o! Well, i’ll say dragon breath and pray that the only time I find myself standing next to the person, is when we have to take a group picture… and of course, i’ll have a sub prayer point hoping the person just does a funky pout rather than an outright smile or full-split grin.

8. Fabulous Flats or ‘Killer’ Stiletto Heels? Your top choice would be…?
Answer: Fab flats please! I hate to dawdle.

9. What love lingo do you speak?! Are you the ‘touchy-feely’ type who’s into Physical Touch( Intimacy) and just loves to snuggle up, cuddle and canoodle? OR Will you be that super sensitive lassie, who fancies and craves being showered with Gifts like flowers, perfumes, chocolate bars, jewels and lockets or even a simple silken scarf….anything; for no just reason, a spontaneous gesture? OR Perhaps, you’re that girl who simply just melts when you’re continually told and reassured that you’re most adored, cherished via spoken or written words… love notes hidden in conspicuous nooks and crannies by your Beloved, by way of Words Of Affirmation OR Maybe, Acts Of Service (Devotion) is that lingo that gets you and revs up your ‘engines’, when your Boo decides to treat you to a ‘Work-free’ day, as far as domestic chores goes; where he gets to take out the trash, do the dishes or laundry, treats you to breakfast in bed or just cleans up after himself and not be a Slob for an ENTIRE day? OR you’re just a Happy Camper whose Significant Other must always, ALWAYS be present by your side…..hanging out, even if you’re both doing nothing in particular, cause your thing’s Quality Time and you’d have it no other way?!
Answer: All of the above, please! I love me a little bit of everything. On some days, there are no words and all you need is the presence and accompanying silence of that person. On other days, when doubts fill your mind for some crazy reason, you just need that one move, thought or action to re- assure you that you’re the only living thing that shines brightest in their hearts… Basically, there’s a need for every season.

10. What would you say’s the craziest, nuttiest thing you’ve ever found yourself doing that’s so TOTALLY outta character but you did it anyhow and enjoyed it too with absolutely no feelings of guilt?!
Answer: ‘ve done tons of crazy stuff, but haven’t enjoyed any so far; so i’ll stow the memories away. Some things ‘re just better left unsaid. Hehe.

Now, that was thoroughly fun! Thanks again Yemie.

My questions are…
1. What is writing to you?
2. Have you ever been called weird, why? And would you say you are weird?
3. How do you say ‘I love you’ in your dialect/ native language?
4. Which do you prefer? Daily love letters or daily gifts (however little)?
5. What is your favourite aspect of womanhood?

I would like to confer this award to the following amazing female (I hope to God they are all females)  bloggers.

Tomi Adesina

Atim Mercy





Zayta Kamal



Now, hit me with your best shot sisters! Till next time. 😀

Between: I am here thinking, OH MY LAWD! That moment when an Hausa Boy has got a British Accent… #okbye


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


Random Musings: I know ‘m not the only one.

So here’s a typical conversation with my mind. I assume that it’s a somewhat free morning, but ‘ve prolly got lectures to tend to later in the day. So ‘ve said my prayers, and ‘ve got a couple things on my mental to- do list.
– eat the remaining rice and stew in the fridge
– check the potatoes if they are still okay
– take the garbage out
– go through your coursenotes
– take your bath
– head out
– take your calculator along
– visit the GP
I check through this list as I fight with my body on which to do first. I think eat! Because I am so famished. So I march into the kitchen, fetch the rice, microwave and head back to the room. It smells so good, I lift a spoon to my mouth when my mind goes:
Mind: dirty thing! Won’t you brush first?

Me: *rolls my eyes* why does she always have to be right! enjoys that one spoon regardless and heads on to brush.

In the bathroom, I am dancing to Bruno Mars’ Count on Me, and mentally arranging my to-do list. I am also battling with this thought at the back of my mind that my ego won’t let me think about. Him. I haven’t heard from him in a while, and a good friend would call to check if everything is alright with him, but not me. And that’s that! Afterwards, I head out to finish breakfast. It’s still so hot, I have to pause between spoonfuls. I busy myself with thoughts from random past events and smile away, enjoying being my own entertainer. My mind joins in too. We are having a good time.

Mind: But bae, you been thinking too much all day.

Me: *smiles* ‘ve got a lot to do! Don’t you see.

Mind: Right! That’s why you’re spending a full half of an hour on that small plate of rice. You know the truth. You’re trying not to think of him.

Me: No.

Mind: Yeah right! Get a life!

Me: *laughs* I have you baby!

Mind: But really girl, you should call him.

Me: Hian, so he starts feeling himsef abi? Abeg, i’ll pass.

Mind: *sigh. What shall I do with you?

Me: Love me baby.

Mind: But you know you love him.

Me: What? Common! ‘ve only known him for what? 10 seconds? Why evuls!

Mind: Okay, but you reallllly like him!

Me: *smiles* Well, he’s fun. She quickly chips in a memory from the previous week of when we had a real fun time, taunting and teasing each other. And ‘m grinning, unconsciously.

Mind: Action speaks louder than voice baby! Yoohoo!

Now, she’s doing a Salsa to Lionel Richie’s Celebration, and I feel like a silly fool. I want to punch her but i’ll hurt myself.

Me: Devil!

She laughs. And somehow, I dissuade mind from thinking about him again and get on with the other things ‘ve got planned for the day…


Err, so this is a snapshot of my life on a typical random day… and ‘m here wondering if someone else out there has convos with their minds like this… or if it’s just me feeling quite like Ana in Fifty Shades, who’s got that sexy ass subconscious with her signature half-moon specs. But here’s something, I know ‘m not the only one‘ in Sam Smith’s voice. 😀


PS: Don’t take any of this seriously, except of course the mad rapport between me and my mind. #justsaying 🙂



© The Short Black Girl, 2015.

Will you listen?


I see you watch me
With that look in your eyes
And that certainty, that spark
That says you know me like a right guess

You see me, watch you
And all you see is a mould
The one you cast in your minds eye
And bid me to fit into like a right size

I am beyond that
Beyond your guesses and gut feelings
I am way beyond that
More than your mind could ever reason

I am the strong, the weak
The boldness you seek
The shyness of a virgin girl
When suitors cast her lustful stares

I am a child
Young, free and wild
But I am old enough
To know what life is and not

I can’t fit
The way you want me to
I can’t stay
I don’t know how to

Let’s do crazy,
I am mercurial baby
Don’t ask
Don’t ask me
Don’t ask me to
Don’t ask me to be
Don’t ask me to be anything

I can only be me
Maybe try
To watch me unfold
I am a wealth of stories
No one ever told
Will you listen?


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.