The thing about traffic…


I am not a fan of slow moving traffic, especially during hot seasons like this… but on some days, I take an exception. Especially on those days when I need to think about my life. Just the same way the toilet in your house seems to create that ambience you need to call your thoughts home, with the toilet seat giving you the much comfort you may need; the bus, for me is that perfect thinking place.

Today is one of such days when ‘m not quite sure how I feel. Good or superb? Fine, or okay? So I like that I can sit in this one place, where no one knows me or cares about me, plug in my earpiece to the sonorous renditions of Nico vinz, Asa, Di’ja, Korede and many more on a random shuffle on my phone, and take a peek into what it is that may be bothering me, or not bothering me.

In the middle of this soul search, I have made a quick discovery (one that may or may not be new to you, but has only just occurred to me) which is this- how you feel you look, has a great and direct impact on your mood. Yes, i’ve heard so much about how your combination of colours determines your mood, but this is different. It is how the mere thought of knowing or being aware that you look appealing makes you feel good, despite the worries that may be plaguing your heart. And I am so happy about this discovery, because perhaps, I just might have found a partial solution to my random and annoying mood swings. Plus this, it has provided a perfect justification for this one thing that I do- telling people that have a fine hair, scarf, shoe, or just that ‘hey-wonder’ look how beautiful they are or look– which my siblings sometimes think out- of- place. I just feel you never know when that fine comment you pass to someone about what they have on, or how they look will just turn their bad day into a fantastic one.

While I haven’t been able to address how it is that I feel exactly in the middle of this daunting traffic and movement from one bus to another in search of my own redemption, I am happy I have been able to pen this down and maybe add that one little thing to someone’s daily routine.

Tell someone they look beautiful today, and mean it. And when next you feel down, up your mood with one of your best dresses. The sheer feeling of knowing you look good without that brother or sister’s comment will do you wonders.

Happy Sunday family!


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.



You know those days when you decide to let go, and let life take its course.. You refuse to make happen, or do, or try. Not just because you’re tired of always being the one doing, but also because you want to see what it’ll be like when you’re not the one doing something for someone.. Will anyone care? Will anyone do something for you? And then it happens. The moment you never saw coming. Those people actually care, and they want to be there for you too. So, there’s so much to talk about, so much to laugh over, so much past to catch up on, and so much dreams to share together.. And you settle the scores, and talk the talk.. And somehow you know that’s the kind of happiness you never knew you wanted. That rare- innate- heartmelting- unexplainable- over- the- world kind of happiness, that makes you laugh till your stomach hurts, smile till your mouth aches, roll over the floor, stomp your feet on the ground, scream, shout, curse, do anything and everything. That kind of happiness that can’t be scheduled for a particular time or day or minute or hour. That kind that just happens. I call it serendipity.

Those days will come; they always do. We can only hope that gleeful discoveries come with it too.


© The Short Black Girl, 2013.