Here’s a collaboration between myself and Marvin. We thought “Ballad” sounded like a lovely title. Never mind that we are not profound poets, and we do not know the rules of poetry– or a ballad for that matter. Truth be told, we don’t care. Call us #rulebreakers. That said, here goes–


She said:
I should have smiled more when he called me “chum”
I should have laughed louder each time he sang me a song
I should have checked better, to see how he fared
I should have apologised more often, for the said and unsaid
I should have tried better, been more understanding and loving
I should have thanked him everyday, for loving me as he did
I should have done more, said some.
Before he left,
Him: the answer, the quest.


He said:
I should have cherished the silence better
I should have looked deeper into her twinkling eyes
I should have listened louder to the echoes of her beating heart
I should have seen the signs, the un-made gestures
I should have told her how serene she always looked,
Especially on those days when she wore her salient smile for me
I should have done more, said some.
Before she left,
She: the butterfly, the bee.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.



Here’s cheers to the gift of friendship; a bit of love from myself and Zoe, straight out of our handwritten friendship collection (P.S: I just me-bombed her version. Couldn’t help it!) 😘😗😚.


There’s a photograph of us
Some months back
Do you remember?

A stroll down the sea front
Silent monuments, drooling dogs, naughty winds
A selfie-
Your bright eyes, my messy hair
But the smile was perfect

There’s this photograph in your phone-
So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Remembering all the times we had
Wherever you go, knowing
That you’ll never be alone.

There’s a photograph of us
Some months back
An Autumn morning in October

A stroll down the sea-front
A souvenir of love, sleepy smiles, and joyful hearts
A selfie- that photo
My silly pout, your curious eyes
But the moment was ours

There’s this photograph of us in your phone
So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Hold me close, until our hearts meet
Knowing this memory ‘ll always be
Our own little magic.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.

I remember.

About two years four-or-so years ago, I did a collaboration with one of my neverland soulmates. I had almost forgotten about it, because it’s been so long; and then I stumbled upon it in my folder and it all came pouring back. That year. The collaborations. And every other thing in between.

It’s never really been the same since after that year. But this is just me paying ode to something beautiful that once was, and saying I miss you Charlie. And I miss this. I honestly do.

The Collaboration

I remember a time I used to care,
A time,
When love was all I had to share,
I remember I once used to be fine,
Because everything and all I had was you being there..

I remember my very big smile,
The redness of my blushing cheeks,
And I remember the very girly sound of my laughter,
And everything your presence brought with it,

I remember your love,
Sweet poison that one was,
I remember your touch, and warmth,
And the nights I thought I was the only one,

I remember being wrong,
I remember finding out there was Amaka, and Isong,
I remember being hurt,
And I remember forgiving you cos I loved you too much,

I remember being patient,
Loving you and waiting for you to really love me in return,
I remember listening to your friends each time they said,
It was just me you truly cared for and loved,

I remember I believed,
Each time you made me think,
That you cared enough to never again hurt me,

I remember I was deceived,
Into thinking,
You were different from Emeka and Ifeanyi,

I remember you,
I remember the girl I used to be,
I remember hate,
Which is all your memory now brings,

I remember I was naïve,
I remember I was stupid,
To have sometime believed that love truly exists,
I remember now,
I remember how you changed me,

I remember how because of you,
The sweetness of love seized to remain,
I remember how because of you,
I promised to never love again..


And here I was,
thinking love was forgiving,
I guess I was wrong,
To think we could always be..

I remember a time you used to care,
A time, when love was all we had,
I remember you once used to be fine,
Because everything that mattered was me being there.

I remember your very big smile,
The colour of your blushing cheeks,
I remember how the sound of your laughter,
Tickled away most of my worries.

You said you cared,
And I thought you meant it,
Now I know I thought wrong,
Cos you didn’t hold on enough to make us work,

I glory in the memories,
Of our love, once so strong,
I remember the late night kisses
And how I made you the only one…

I remember your bout of hisses
And the sudden naggy tales by midnight,
I remember how your kiss lost its feel,
And how your smile lost its shine.

I don’t know what went wrong,
But you blamed Amaka
And Cursed Isong!
You missed it all honey,
I was just a lost artist.
I loved you,
That you knew.
I never did try to flirt,
Was just being nice to the girls.. 😉

Maybe you were a little naïve,
A little underage,
Maybe the magical wonders of a first love,
Made you forget to give all it takes.

I remember the promises
You seem to have forgotten,
I remember how much I hurt,
When you turned your back on me,
I remember we were wrong,
About too many things..

No matter what you think of me
No matter what you think of love
I will always think of you,
I will always remember the girl you used to be,
The girl who kissed me with her soul,
The girl… whose love will forever awaken my soul…

I’ll always love you sweetie,


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.