PING 3: Faith.

Read, and tell a friend.

“Faith and worry never work together. You either take charge, or you let HIM take control.”

Take a side and stick to it; yours, or HIS.

© The Short Black Girl, 2014.


Keep the Faith

A friend once said ‘gone are the days when things used to be so beautiful’, I looked at him and wondered when he started being so blind. Things may get really rough that we are tempted to lose hope, lose faith, damn love, and embrace hate; but I hope it never gets so bad that we stop doing God and start doing us. I hope each time we falter, we give ourselves a chance to rise again.. For it’s really all about us. Once we are ready, God is too.

I pray we find peace in the comfort of our hearts, sanctity in the knowledge that we are never alone, courage stemming from the roots of our belief, and faith to keep believing in Him and know that even when things ain’t working as planned, the ugly truth is that, things get so bad to get really good sometimes.

Never stop believing. Never stop praying!

–Good Morning, and Happy new day!


© The Short Black Girl.