One year, and counting.


It was on this day last year that I recreated my blog. Before then, I really did think I was done… but oh what a fool I was. If I stopped writing, who’d keep me company?! It’s been some journey these past days and it’s hard to believe it’s a year already. I haven’t got words to express the immaculate mess that is me right now, in the wake of everything writing has gifted me… but I am grateful! For the pen, and the paper; the muse, and its readers.

It’s been fun! Writing through my Monday Musings, and Tuesday Confessions, the Poems and the almost- cliché stories… I have lived through these words, and grown through your comments. And it’s wonderful knowing that somehow, regardless of what I feel, there is someone out there who can well connect with me.

Like so many other bloggers would say, the stats don’t lie! So ‘m thankful to everyone that has much as visited, and those that ‘ve been so kind enough to make this place a home away from home. I am one of the most terrible friends that there can be on planet earth, but ‘m lucky to have you guys! Thank you for the encouragement, the support and the push. I hope you stick through still, as I grow on.

This is Me, thanking you for being you and saying Happy one year of reading Me.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.



Once, a Tall Black Dude fell in love with me, and I liked him very much too. His height was so intimidating, that I would shy away from looking into his face much as I could. I was this close to loving him too, and so I wrote him a poem titled I know, and when he did something that hurt me, I would write a poem too. I guess you can’t necessarily separate love from pain. Because somehow, regardless of how much the person tries not to hurt you or how much you try not to get offended by the person’s actions, love has a way of making us do things that turn out maybe a little overboard, thus rubbing off on the other person in a sore way probably because they expected more from you.

Somehow eventually, we got past the love talk and I stopped getting hurt over things he would do, and he stopped doing weird things that might turn up a little too quirky.

We would chat for hours everyday (or almost?) of the week- 2go, facebook (once he wrote me a story there! :D), twitter and at long last, bbm- talking about many no-things (we don’t talk much anymore these days though). I wouldn’t take pictures with him because standing next to him, felt like standing next to a future which wasn’t even until some 10 years away. But he would steal every moment he got to flaunt the long-distance relationship between us. Ha! This dude. From a virtual stranger, to that person I only used to call for course periods and assignments, to a good friend and then a dear friend.

I could be annoying more often than not, maybe even more annoying than a paper jam, and it has never been easy loving me; but today, we remain friends… And it’s so heartwarming that despite my orishirishi drama, he keeps in touch!

Team #PPNB, #TBD, #Beardgang, (and every other ajasa that comes with your name) here’s just a piece acknowledging your kind heart and saying you are highly appreciated.


© The Short Black Girl, 2014.