About Me

“I don’t know who i am, but whatever it is feels beautiful.”


I thought it was about time I had an “About Me” page, but because I didn’t want to sound all touchy- touchy, I asked my friend cum school daughter cum school mother to help my ministry.

I’m like “Yo… ‘m trying to update my blog settings et al, and I need to write an “about me” page, bhet ‘m not so good at it– so kindly describe me in a few words. No flattery, izz for my blog!!!”

She be like “Hmmmm, okay okay!”

Minutes later, just when I was thinking Yo! This babe be writing a book on me or somethink?, I get a buzz:

“Some might say Goody too shoes, bookworm, introvert, snub, star Muslimah, and all that… but it really depends on who you ask. Me is the most awesomest person ever. Yes, you read that right! I said most awesomest and I don’t care lol. She’s the smartest and nicest person one could ever meet, a gorgeous friend who’s crazy and funny af while simultaneously managing to be that reasonable friend who knocks sense into you when your brain starts to touch…”

After reading and writing it all out, I be like “who that?!” Oh well, I am still yet to decide if that description matches me or not… but in the absence of anything more apt or as fancy as that, i’ll let it slay!

Between, thanks again babe! 😉



Me, The Short Black Girl.