So he laughs.


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So he laughs!
I hear the melody fumble through his throat
And it takes me by surprise.
He laughs.
Did he forget to be composed?
Did he forget to frown?
It must have been hard to do that
And it hurt me to know he tried so hard

So he laughs.
His body vibrates, his eyes come alive, oh my!
Teeth appear like magic behind lips
that almost look better when sealed
And it suits him so well.
It suits him so well, this new look, I want to cry.

So he laughs…
A long excruciating long while after I have had to wait to see him joyful,
he laughs!
And I want to be mad but I dance
To this melody, his song of laughter
I dance because he laughs.


A good laugh is sunshine in the house.

– William Thackeray

A little note: Hello lovers! It has been a while, I know. I have been busy to the teeth and it hurts that I haven’t been writing. But then, I am thankful for new muses that can spark poetic lines just by laughing. My goodness, all he had to do was laugh and my pen would not rest until I completed this piece. 😂🤣

And it is my birthday in a few days but I don’t have anything planned yet. Sigh! Any fun ideas? My doctor says I need more fun in my life. Haha

I have missed you all terribly. Thank you for sticking around. ❤️❤️


© The Short Black Girl, 2018.


5 thoughts on “So he laughs.

    1. Lmao.

      Yes, I was on the verge of composing another poem but all I ended up with was this comment.


      Happy new year to you too Timi. And wait! Really? Haven’t we said hello this year? My goodness! ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You know you ended up not putting a birthday post, right? When will you get to it? And don’t you dare tell us a story. We wouldn’t take it.

    And this guy that inspired laugh, I am sha waiting for the time when we will see the non-fiction rendition 😉


    1. Hahah. Yes, i missed doing it this year. Sigh! We will have to wait for the next one oo… And the guy, he is sooooo married! So no gist. Lol.


      1. Na lie o! You must sha put it up o… Me, I no dey for how manage. You must talk o. I am waiting for that post and I am not joking with you sef.

        This married guy… Hmmm. Okay o. #sigh


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