Musings: Are we really our names?

PS: This is not a SERIOUS post, and it should be taken with at least a pinch of humor. Don’t take it too personal, and let us try to have fun. Okay? Good! Haha!

My name is Rofiah.

I have often had people tell me, upon hearing my name “Oh, you must be playful. The Rofiah’s I know are very playful.” Now, am I? Well, yes, to some extent. When I am in the zone, I am in the zone. Haha

So, maybe it is true?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you meet a person, and immediately they introduce themselves as “my name is—-“, thoughts form in your head about how one of your friend’s cousin’s sister’s brother’s aunt’s uncle’s (somebody, really) once told you that “Tunde’s” have a sweet mouth or “Dolapo’s” like to laugh, or something? Haha. I have had my fair share of such moments.

Now, I have done some profiling on the following names, let me know if you have met anyone who goes by any of these names and if you think my profiling is correct. You can also share your name profilings too! Leggo!

Ridwan: Ridwan’s are lovable. Attractive, but not always handsome. They are mostly mysterious and full of allure. They always have a burning question about themselves that they are eternally in search of an answer to. Their persistence can be wall-shatteringly- admirable. Bottom line, there is always something about them that often begs you to go a-fetching! (Think of that Yoruba guy you really like, maybe his fifth name, given to him by his Grandmother’s friend’s cousin is Ridwan. Justsaying!)

Afolabi: Afolabi’s are a quirky lot. Here and there… up and about. They exude some traits that make you like them now, and reconsider that likeness afterwards. They are hardly as they seem. Bottom line, you want to take your time to figure them out, thoroughly!

Ibrahim: Ibrahim’s are ever unsure of what they want. They like to sow their seeds wide and far, quite flirtatious. They are almost always charming and they almost always know it. Sigh! You want to be careful with them. They give off vibes that they don’t mean to give, and it is not them, it is their overflowing cup of awesomeness.

 Akeem: Akeem’s are quite composed and well put together. They might seem to be in a flurry of emotions, a little too reserved upon first meeting or acquaintance, but they soon put themselves together in one piece. They like to look good, and they almost always pull it off.

Mariam: Ma(/o)riam’s are chatty, almost care-free, and endearing. They light up the room, quite literally.

Kingsley: Kingsley’s are often intellectuals. They know how to hold good conversation. and are quite dependable. They stick with you until they can no longer help it.

This is just what I think. Haha! Let me know what you think about names and how much impact, really, you think they have on the people that answer to them. And also, how many times you have flinched upon hearing a person’s name without giving them the benefit of doubt…


© The Short Black Girl, 2017.


5 thoughts on “Musings: Are we really our names?

  1. I know for a fact that Malo or Maro as we call them are playful and dance a lot.
    But fortunately or otherwise, Rofias are a mix between very perky and super shy, makes you wonder what part of Rofia will you meet at every encounter

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah? Never heard that name before. I need a Malo/Maro in my life rn. Lol

      About Rofiah’s, lol! I think this explains why i sometimes think i am bi-polar. I think that your profiling is spot on. We are an undecided lot. Haha.

      Thanks Kinyo! ♡♡


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