Birthday Series: Day 6- Sheedart.

“Sometimes, growing up means growing apart.”

As a teenager, worrying over the slow pace of the growing up process and counting down the years to when I could begin to enjoy all that privilege that came with adult-ing, I never for once thought growing up may mean growing apart from some of my friends. I had no clue that growing up is a crazy business that would mean making choices and treading on paths that may cost me friendship(s) I thought would last forever. In the course of growing up, I’ve had to drift apart from friends who were very dear to me. Some, because we started to have different interest, acquire new knowledge, grow in different cities, and others, just because.

I had this friend, once upon a time. We connected on Facebook just after secondary school and grew really close, it was almost as if we were in a relationship. We would call and text each other all day long, and never ran out of things to talk about – telling each other things we wouldn’t tell anyone else, and discussing everything and anything. At the time, if I was asked who my best friend was, I would have mentioned her. The friendship was just so MAG, MAG-er than any I had with my other friends – online and offline. Then, she enrolled for A-level classes, and everything changed. It was the beginning of the end. She picked up new interests – fashion and makeup, made new friends, and didn’t particularly have time or feel like keeping in touch with me anymore. I tried to hold on, calling and texting, and at a point, it felt like I was forcing the friendship on her.

It took my getting admitted into the university and having my hands full with lectures and assignment, to accept that we were now treading different paths, and things couldn’t go back to the way they were. I was so busy with burying my heads in different books, aiming for the first class – my own version of growing up, I had no time to stalk get in touch. And she? Well, she was busy treading her own path too. At the end, I understood that it was okay for us to grow apart, and it didn’t in any way take away from the experience or memories we shared.

We all start as strangers, and sometimes, end that way too.”


I, recently, just made some amazing friends; and I desperately hope as we grow up (I don’t think we ever stop growing), we won’t grow apart. But I’m also aware that growing up, for me or them, may mean or cause us to grow apart. What to do? I’m shoving that knowledge aside, and enjoying my time with them.



Author’s Name: Sheedart

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Author’s Bio: I don’t know what I’m addicted to more: writing, reading or movie-ing. I’m a microbiologist with an hyperactive mind and a lot of time on my hands. Hi, I’m Sheedart, and it’s nice to meet you.


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2 thoughts on “Birthday Series: Day 6- Sheedart.

  1. When once upon many moons friends fall out and slip away from one another, it takes a lot out of us and certainly does take a lot of getting used to! And I couldn’t agree more with the rationale behind the quote that surmises that we start up as strangers and sometimes end up in that selfsame way! Its pretty uncanny stuff but more than half the time, this phenomenon holds sway!

    Living in the moment, like She-gurl says in this beautifully laid out article, is how I deal and get a handle on things, enjoying what time I have with friends just before life begins to happen and things start to head south; for no just cause! 😀

    Plus, there really isn’t anything wrong in breaking away from someone, if you feel like you don’t belong in such a person’s life anymore! Moreso in the event that this person’s being heavy-handed with dishing out some kinda hints! 😈😆 Choosing to remain when you know you oughta get a move on will only bring misery, as things may go quickly from cordial to adversarial! Its only then that it’d become abundantly clear that this particular relationship’s run its course and all you have left are memories! 😁 Perhaps, relationships were not made to last a lifetime but we’d keep taking our chances anyhow and soak up in the delights of having been a part of something magical and profoundly beautiful; even if only for a spell! 😄

    Thank you so much for sharing She-gurl, ❤😄 and as for the Bday Gurl, I trust its been an absolutely wonder-filled couple of days for you!😇❤ Kudos to the pair of you darlings! 😎😀

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    1. It has been wonderful, enlightening and revealing. Thank you so much ma’am for keeping on through the series.

      We appreciate you and your contributions, immensely. ♡♡

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