Birthday Series: Day 1- Taiwo Odumala.

“Sometimes, growing up means growing apart.”

Weeks ago, before Ed Sheeran released his album Divide Deluxe, I saw Castle on the Hill on Youtube and it brought me to tears. It reminded me of friends life has thrown me apart from. They will always be home even when we are miles; and focus, apart now. Weeks after that song was gone from me, Damore talked to me about what is now the title of this post. My first draft of this, lengthy as it was, just wasn’t hitting the right spot. The day after writing it, I turned on my iTunes while at work and there it was again, Castle on the Hill.

 “One friend left to sew clothes

One walks down by the coast

One has two kids but lives alone

One’s brother overdosed

One’s already on the second wife

One’s just barely getting by but

These people raised me and I

Can’t wait to go home”

– Castle on the Hill, Ed Sheeran

As life happens, we will have less and less in common with those whom we grew up with. We’ll drift apart when our dreams go different ways, when our ideas are worlds apart or when our dreams are not even happening at all. In fact, it can be as simple as moving to a different location.

It starts with one person; gone in search of green land, stuck with a difficult family, wanting something different, studying for another degree, getting married, or even stuck with an unplanned pregnancy. And right then, growing up will mean growing apart.

We may have watched the sun set on childhood and watched a new sunrise on adulthood but we should not forget to play catch up with those old friends when we get the chance.

Thank you Damore, for the chance to put this to ink.



Author’s name: Taiwo Odumala

Blog Address:

Author’s Bio: Fervent writer. Growing copywriter. Discovering life


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