I search for you.

I search for you between the merging of lips
Where breaths collide
And souls meet
I search for you in the linking of arms
Amongst the songs sang
About love and tainted hearts
I search for you
Behind the sound of my laughter
And I search for you
Beneath the surface of my smile
Oh, I search for you
Behind the lid of my eyes
Within the weight of my tears
I swear, I search
But you are fading
And I lay, breaking.


“There are plenty of ways to die. But only love can kill you and keep you alive to feel it.”

-Leo Christopher 


©The Short Black Girl, 2016.


12 thoughts on “I search for you.

    1. Epic bundle for the season. No?


      And let me not forget my excitement! Hiìiiiiii! 🤗🤗 Where did you go and where have you been? The blog and all of us have missed you.

      Compliments ♡


    2. Ah… We thank God for the lessons learnt, and for the many chances to become a better version of ourselves. It’s definitely good to have you back. Welcome! 😊😊


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