Thank you for 365!

It is the 26th of December, boxing day… And one of the thoughts I remember waking up to is how I never really understood what the itenary of a day like this is meant to be or look like and I still don’t. But then, it is a public holiday… so hallelujah, why not!

The past week has been an amazingly surprising one for me, and the past days of the year indeed. But I am not here to recount any of those sour or sound moments, just here to thank you all for being. And to thank you for making the year all the more colourful and magical.

Thank you for lending yourselves, your beautiful souls and hearts to me.

Thank you for the words.

Thank you for the friendships.

Thank you for the wishes, and the thoughts.

Thank you for you.

So I have always had this dream of being an OAP… because someone somewhere once teased that I had ‘that voice’ (I hope you remember yourself. Hehe)… i don’t know how true it is, but I know I have always loved to record my poems or writings and have them saved for keeps. So I thought to share this with you all… a rendition of the pieces you might have read before, that particularly made my year.

It is not perfect. But hey, it is a gift from the depths of my heart. Please have it.

Happy holidays honeys!


PS: I really did try to upload the voice thingys to no avail. Sorry I whet your appetite for nothing! 😑😑

But hey, happy holidays! ♡♡


6 thoughts on “Thank you for 365!

  1. Wow! Mischief mode I see!
    See me looking for a link to download the audio!
    Thank you for being true to your gift and using words to touch, connect and heal. Keep honing your craft and don’t stop writing!
    Hoping to read more amazing stuffs from you next year.
    Happy new year in advance.

    P.S uploading that audio recording shouldn’t be a big deal. So go do the needful!

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    1. Thank you so much Topaz. Thank you ♡♡

      About that michcief mode, haha… not intentional, I promise. I have the stuffs saved in my phone’s voice recorder but WordPress says it is not of a supported format. And i am not all that technology savvy. So there, you see, lies the issue. 😦 😦

      Btw, happy New year in advance too. Have a colourful holiday season ♡♡


    1. Ah, thank you too Zoe! You made the Portsmouth experience worthwhile, i promise. I wish you the most colorful of moments today and everyday, and a write-full 2017 too! 😀

      A bucket of love and kisses to you!


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