I choose peace, today,

And I choose peace everyday,

In how I cast my gaze upon the rising sun

And how the crisp morning air marries the breath from my lungs

I choose peace in the texture of my thoughts, the colour of my words,

I choose peace, to say and to make

when the Universe threatens to betray my guard with its colourful charade,

Or when future worries torment my quietness, and agonies of the past fold me to a bend,

I will find a corner, and choose my peace

And maybe I will falter sometimes,

Maybe the chaos in me will manage to rise

But I will find peace until it finds me

And I will choose peace until it chooses me.peace


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


4 thoughts on “Peace.

  1. This is yet another masterpiece of a compose that totally gets me! The sheer beauty these pretty poetic and compelling lines hold within ’em; have got this uncanny ability to simply just reel one in! You’ve got this writing thing all figured out ME, and you’ve gotta trust me on this one! You ABSOLUTELY should! 😇😄

    Achieving perfect inner peace is the way to go for always! Else, we become less of who we oughta when we allow for our peace to be right stripped from us! Our spirit being’s deeply aggrieved and we simply stop living; kinda like the ‘living undead’ type-thing as with Zombies! Ghouly!.😦

    Plus, to that line ‘I’ll find peace till it finds me’, the Legendary Mahatma Gandhi and an iconic symbol of the peace movement in his lifetime had this to say ‘Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances’! Ralph Waldo Emerson also supports Gandhi’s stance on finding peace with a saying of his own that reads thus ‘nothing can bring you peace, but yourself!

    An emphatic resolve to finding and being at peace with oneself and the world at large is the first step in the right direction and the Narrator will find it cause it never went missing, rather; tis been there all along, you were just wayyy too frantic to notice. 😈😆 And to those raging chaotic state of mind that may wanna bubble over and rise to the surface, I say ‘Peace; be still’! 😇 It shalt be well and things would look up as they always do…in good time! 😁

    Keep writing Sweets, you never cease to inspire with your beautiful writes and compositions! You’re truly gifted! 😉😃

    Liked by 2 people

    1. How did I manage to miss this comment? 😮

      You must forgive me Madam Yemie, I have been late on replying comments and very lax with posting these days… I have just been caught up in a whirlwind of events, and I promise I know this is no excuse… but please forgive me and know I appreciate you always.

      Indeed, I wrote this piece in one of those really frantic moments of my life… and writing those words and reading them out loud to myself time and time again did the trick.

      I feel so much glee when I read from you. It makes me happy that the little musings I nurse in my corner of the world make sense to people other than me– Because sometimes, I must say, I think most thoughts too trivial to count. But when I read comments like yours, I feel inspired.

      Thank you so much ma’am for being ever so supportive. You are a star! 😗😙🙏

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