You and I.

Somewhere in the midst of our alone-ness,
In the nook of our lost-ness;
Just as we had been searching
For that dream that had kept us up all our lives
with embers of gold leaking fire melting the walls built up around our fragile hearts,
We had happened upon each other
And our souls had collided.
Mistake or fate?
For your worries had called mine by name
And my fears quickly found succour in your tears
And baby, if your love were a raindrop, i’ll be a flood
But you are as the surge of the sea
And I am a bucket of sunshine
And this is what it is
And someone like you was never made for someone like me.


I think that maybe we had been made to dream those dreams
And walk that walk– every step on every crooked and straight lane
For we had been made to run into each other,
And our souls had been made to collide
Because honey, how can you not see that you mirror me, and I–
I host an emptiness into which you fit with perfect ease.
How can you be so blind of this love, my sunshine?
For it is what it is
And we are who we are
And this love was made for you and I.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


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