Oh my blush, hey!

Oh my Blush, it’s been ages up here, right?! ‘How am I?’ ‘Where have I been?’ ‘What have I been up to?’ Easy folks, let’s take it one at a time, eh? Hehe… So! I am ‘fine’. I have been around, and I have been up to so much. I bet you are like, ‘seriously?! After having been off for so long, here’s all you’ve got to say? C’mon!’ Hahah…

Okay, so let’s get serious. You know how life gets in the way of living sometimes? Like you have twenty-four hours in a day to live and be, but it is not enough for ‘living’ and ‘being’ because you spend half of it thinking about ‘dying’ and the other half thinking about how to try to live when you are done thinking about what it’s like to die. The past weeks have been the craziest! Deadlines and sturv!

How do you deal with deadlines? Those things are nerve-wrecking, right? On some days, I am fed up to the nose, and I just put on some groovy music, dance and laugh to and at myself, just so I can feel like it’s alright—like everything is perfect; bhet who am I deceiving? The clock is freaking ticking, yo! To meet up, you get to lose sleep, skip meals, and diss friends and muses. And in those few seconds when you finally decide to catch some winks, guess what? You dream about the work you are trying so hard to stay away from! Haha. Really though, how do you deal with deadlines?

I have missed you all, terribly. How are you doing? How has writing and reading been? I hope Marvin doesn’t stay mad at me for too long for dissing him. If he doesn’t, we’ll cook up something pretty nice for you all lovelies, soon. And it’s my blog’s anniversary in 10 days—here’s me thanking you all for how far we have come. For the comments, likes, reading, and support… no one rocks better than you. Trust me!

So, I just thought I’ll drop this here this morning and see how you all are faring. Have a lovely weekend fam.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


10 thoughts on “Oh my blush, hey!

  1. how to deal with deadlines? spite it! lol

    sometimes, we just have to revolt against life, swim against the tide, and insist on actually living and being, and being happy while at it. unless we wrest control back, life just keeps taking us for a ride…and not a happy go lucky one!

    so, dear, just keep living, one day at a time.

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    1. Gospel truth doc! Just yesterday, I was telling a friend that when things look all insurmountable and challenging, the only choice we’ve got is to survive– and that’s exactly what we’ll do.

      In the end, like you have said, the power is in our hands. To insist on living, and enjoying the time spent living.

      Thank you so much doc! 🙂 ❤


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