A short poem from Marvin and I…


Is it okay to fall for you?
How far will I reach?
How deep?


Fall, my darling
Fall recklessly
I was made to contain you.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


6 thoughts on “Fall.

  1. Oh la! Short as this is, ’tis pretty heavy; and profoundly so too! Am absolutely taken and enamored with these lines! 😍😁

    The line…’I was made to contain you’….best of the crop! 😄 It’d make for those fluttering butterflies one feels when one’s fallen head over heels in love with another to go berserk…they’d simply just run wild and total chaos then becomes the order of the day! 😂

    Falling in love’s one of the best ever feeling, but better than that’s finding that one special person who’ll launch out to catch one, lest one falls hard on to the ground with a thud! Youch! 😈😁

    And like Celine Dion sang in one of my all time favorites of her tunes titled ‘Falling’; I’d much rather ‘Fall Into’ a person; completely lose myself and melt into ’em that tearing us apart becomes near-impossible; seeing as we’ve gone on to becoming one and the same! Daring to fall ‘vertically’ may just land me in the ‘ER’…too risky! 😈😆

    Perfect lines ME….just! 👌❤

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    1. Hahahh!

      Your words bring to mind David Viscott’s words: “to love, and be loved is to feel the sun on both sides”, and I think indeed, it is no farther from the truth… what greater bliss can one ask for?

      Thank you so much for reading, and taking out time to drop a warm comment. I honestly appreciate you. ❤ ❤

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