Our day will come.

Many more nights will caress the sky
Stars will steal the show with their brilliant shine
The moon will hide,
And humans will stand by their windows every now and every then, seeking it’s company– just like you and I
And the Universe will many times be still, as will everything else be
Except heaving chests
Yours and mine, and theirs
Cradling the raucous hearts beating away, saving lives
And our day will come
A peeping ray of light
A chirping bird floating across the white and grey sky
Sleeping trees will awaken,
silence will shatter and the Universe will no more be still
For our day will come
And life will bear us in its knowing arms
Two meeting eyes, two beating hearts,
A love story cast in its own time.


This piece was inspired by Amy Winehouse’s Our day will come.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


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