And I had been,
long before you came,
a woman bearing love, and passion in doses of flame.
I had been,
as in a flower in bloom:
Full. Contained. Alive. And Zain.
Yet when you had come,
It was as though I had been missing something:
Like a slice of rainbow, or a bite of shine.
Just as a raindrop,
in my ocean of being
and as a honey-drop
in my morning cup of tea–
I was enough; but you, you made me complete.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


14 thoughts on “Complete.

  1. oh dear!
    this is sizzling!
    too sweet!

    watch this:
    “I had been,
    as in a flower in bloom..”

    ” I had been
    in bloom” (less words, more effect. bloom already paints the image of a flower, no need to repeat)

    Me is becoming Aphrodite!

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  2. As with many other poems from Damore, I say, “this is the best ever that I’ve read from you” but then I know I’ll be wrong because you’ll write yet another and I’ll love it even more…
    Really this is what it should be. Be enough in myself, with or without him. When he’ll come, he’ll just complete.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We should Su’. Before my mind drifts off completely, and my ink pens what else is left of him out, we really should.

        And Amen to the prayer.

        We shall embrace what comes, slowly but surely– come to terms with its offerings, givings, and misgivings; everything. A moment in time is either a lesson learnt, or an adventure experienced.

        Thank you Su’. ❤


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