Recently, ‘ve been pondering on the saying: “charity begins at home”. We are admonished to love and care for those that we have direct relationships with, before thinking to extend the grace of our being and presence to those outside of our immediate caucus. I mean, it only makes sense– being there for those that we are responsible for, those that have always been there for us, those that we would expect to be there for us sometime. This is not to say that we should always ration our acts of kindness and goodness; I think it just means that when the resources are limited, thus resulting in a need to rank or apportion our capabilities in an order of urgency, or priority, we should start from home and then let it flow outwards… apt!

Generosity is beautiful. In fact, for a lot of people, as it should be for everyone, there is joy in giving; and even greater joy, in sharing– however little of what each one has got. Yet, in this art of being there for others and making everyone as happy as we possibly can, a lot of us forget one very obvious detail– ourselves and our own happiness. I won’t use the argument of “you can’t give what you don’t have”, because I already trashed this issue in my previous post, but i’ll call upon the words of a revered IG writer – “G”- here, which read “the full vessel is the one that overflows”.

Simply put, I think that as much as we feel bound to be there for friends and family, we must make ourselves a priority too. We must do for ourselves, at least, just as much as we do for others: pray for, love, care, appreciate, praise, criticise, admonish ourselves as much as we do others. Yes, there is love in sharing; but as “G”, said: “do not forget to share yourself with you”. Charity begins at home, but even better, it starts with you.

“Be kind to yourself. Charity begins with you.”


You can find “G” on IG: @powerofspeech


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


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