This is me trying to take on the subtle challenge Joel Jemba threw my way earlier this week, regarding the daily word prompts. Today, I lack the kind of vast and fleshy words that I would ordinarily love to make a post out of, so ‘m settling for these few words on Simplicity

“An active mind is ever inspired; a simple mind is ever joyous.”

-D. A.

As always, I have written– more to understand, than to be understood. But I am curious, what do you think?


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


5 thoughts on “Simplicity.

    1. Lovely words, aye? I know, thank you :D. They are C. D. Lewis’. I posted this quote of his some months back, along with Maya Angelou’s poem under the title: Maya Angelou on Freedom. 😀

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  1. What do I think? I think you are awesome. In a simple way. Also, you’re simple. In an awesome way ☺

    That is why you’re a joy to read, any day.

    And I think this quote by C.D. Lewis is so true of you, that’s why you can identify, hehehe. Now that’s what I think.

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    1. Zika ma’am 😊☺!!!

      It is comments like this that make my heart swim in joy. Thank you so much. My day has barely started and I feel it’s made already. I appreciate you through and through ma’am 😍😘😚.

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