Feeling Things: An Ode.

As the trees boogie
To the trampling strings
Of the wind’s worn song,
The city recoils, mesmerised
And forlorn
Wondering what ‘ll become of it
When you part and are finally gone.

Your loud laughter
Down ‘pon the alleyways
And your cheery banters
About boys and their fleeting ways
Oh, the melody in your steps
And the sway of your youthful hips
What a shame! The city thinks.
Maybe it’ll never be same
Without your flame.

The city is in turmoil.
In mournful fear, it carries on
Trudging through days,
Counting down till you say
Goodbye. And if the skies would
Not look so nude
And if the birds would
Not stoop and brood,
Maybe then the city won’t feel
That a loss of you, is a loss of all
That ever felt good.

But a loss of you, is a loss of be-ing
For everyone knows:
there can be no city without you in it.



Picture credit: Bing Images.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


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