Hello Child, Happy “you” Day!

It is the 27th of May today, children’s day.

Earlier today, my big sister called me to wish me a happy children’s day. In fact, more aptly, my nephew had been the one to chant the very words: “happy children’s day Rofiah”. I was stunned and amused! My first thought and of course, response was: “no darling, I should be the one wishing you that.” And my sister interjected: “what do you mean? As far as ‘m concerned, you’re still a child. In fact, whether we like it or not, all of us remain our parent’s children. Even parents and grand parents, and the great grand ones and…” Those final words cracked me up, but they are no farther from the truth.

children 1

How many more of us think we’re no more children? Because we’ve got responsibilities and grown-up thoughts? For sake’s sake, this is our day! Our moment of celebration! And we oughta be popping Caprisone, and Bobo, and Nutri C like booze. Today is when we call our friends up and remind them of “catcher” (hide and seek), and “ten ten” and “suwe” and “after round one” and “brick games” and “Mario” and “Dangerous Dave”; and laugh silly like bloated children on thanksgiving day. Yet, I wish that even if we would not go to all that trouble today, of memories and amusement parks and hopping on “jangolovas” (swing), that we at least take a moment to say a prayer or two for our parents who brought us on, up and through– from children to men and women; and a prayer or two for ourselves for being a parent’s child, and a word of gratitude to God for what we’ve been through, what we’re going through, and all that we’ll be through.

children 2

If only today, feel like a child again; don’t fret about tomorrow. Here’s me saying Happy Children’s day to every one of us. Because we are babies, before we become dames and gentlemen; and we are children, before we become mummies and daddies. ❤ ❤


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


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