Heads Up: A few things you should know about us.

This is what my mind does sometimes when it doesn’t get enough sleep. It thinks about the Future, it thinks about you. Dr. Seuss once said: “you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams”, so now, maybe it’s clear that I am deeply in love with you; it just doesn’t help that I haven’t met you yet. In any case, if you don’t mind, let me share a few things with you. A few things I think you should know about us.

Dearest, I have seen, heard and read so much about relationships; a few sweeten me up, much more make me cringe. Baby, things are tough out here, and I know you know this. But don’t you worry, we will write our own love story. We will love together and pray together. We will talk, and discuss everything. We will bare it all baby, because why not? When it hurts, you won’t keep it from me; you will let my arms soothe your raging soul, and accept the invitation to make my bosom your home. I will have my mood swings but it will be fine, because you will let me cry it out on your fine brown tee-shirt without judging me for being a woman. I will share me with you, you will share you with me; and Darling, we will get through it okay, you know right?

I might ask you why you love me, because sometimes I would like to be a child. I might talk so much about so much, but you’ll find joy in my banter. We will make jokes and memories, about quirky Friday nights, and my first meeting with mum and dad. We will laugh about everything, and forget why they ever hurt if they did. You will cook for me, just because. I will tell you “please” and “thank you’s”, just because. We will respect each other, because that is the genesis of love.

“Love is not ‘I’m gonna do this for you, if you do this for me’. Love is, ‘I’m gonna do this for you, because ‘m gonna do this for you’.”

-Justin Beiber

Baby, we will love; we will do us for us, because of us. We will say “I love you” many times, and mean it even more. We will be honest, even when it’s hard. Because darling, we will be a team. We would walk away when we have to, but not too long, not too many feet apart; because we will be each other’s spark and calm. We would fight, together; not with, or against each other. You would not be afraid to say sorry and mean it, I will not be too proud to admit i’m wrong. Honey, life has its ways, and moments have their days; but we will kiss and make-up, and take notes of what hurt and what felt good; not to keep scores, but to get better– at doing better, and loving better. Sugar, we will be fine, we will make it fine.

They say compromise is cheap, I say compromise is key. I think that understanding each other’s positions and vulnerabilities is essential in every relationship, if one person doesn’t take advantage of the other. But why would we, right? We will be a team. You’ll pick me up when I fall, I’ll be strong when your fighting heart wheezes and yells for a break. Honey, our love will thrive, despite life; because we’ll make it burn on with fervor, we’ll tend to it, and nurture it. You’ll be my cray, i’ll be your high– we will get each other like the sun and the sky. And we will get this– me and you, us. Because baby, I am me, and you are you; but when we become us, we will be the only force that can take us down. And by Jove, I would not let us down. Promise me now, that you won’t either. Promise me.

Until so soon,



© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


5 thoughts on “Heads Up: A few things you should know about us.

  1. Somethin’ like the Perfect guy? we “… would fight, together; not with,” and I sure pray we don’t end up “… against each other.” like The Perfect Guy (the movie). Our love story would be the best the whole world will wish for. And us, me and you, whenever it rains, we’ll read a romantic novel; but will have to jump all the knowing-you chapters to those love pages, and instead of drinking tea on a cold night, we rather fall in love with us. But baby, in reality, there always comes a sad day. And that sad day is the day I dread so much. So, dear ME, should I really “… be afraid” for that day to come? And if it comes to it, would you always be there to hold me down for life?

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    1. Hehehe. This is beautiful! We should do a collaboration sometime Sal. And “Perfect Guy”? I don’t think I ever heard about or saw the movie. I’ll go a-hunting for it one of these days, maybe.

      Thank you Sal– for reading, and dropping those beautiful lines!

      Yes, the sad days would always come– but I like to hope that a loving and a praying family would always weather the storm– together as one! 🙂 ❤


  2. I’m glad you like it. Sure! We should do something together. I’m looking forward to it, it will be an honour you know!

    The Perfect Guy is a 2015 American thriller movie. So, go to the cinema if you may, or download it, buy, rent, or borrow it or something, Me just watch the movie, I bet you’ll like it. and in fact it may half better our love story. lol.

    Also, my dear Me, “Hope” is most times a distraction. We don’t just see until the fold.
    Thanks, again! ❤ 🙂

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