I believe that one of the most fulfilling feelings in life, is knowing that at one time or another we touched somebody’s life, or gave them a slice of hope, an iota of belief, or a shade of light. I believe that, that is indeed one of our greatest gifts as humans, the ability to rub off on the people around us without even trying too hard. I hope that today, and everyday– in everything we do and say, and be; and everything else we choose to not do, say or be, that we be a source of blessing to someone, and give them a chance or a reason to light up in a film of shine.

And I hope that, too, someone be that person to us too.


Have a shine-full day family! ❤ ❤

Photo credit: @korekgraphy


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


4 thoughts on “Shine.

    1. As are you Dr Swag; brimming with so much light and love. The world is indeed a better place, because you especially, are in it. We– me, and everyone else’s heart that you touch just like mine– appreciate you, always. Through, and through. ❤

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      1. Why do you always make me cry… 😭😭😭😭.. And smile at the same time… How do you magically bring out rainbows from the derby hats of rain… How do you do it?? How can one so petite have such mountainous effect on life.. How???

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