More than Magic.

Here’s a collaboration between myself and the awesome Instagram writer @leilareign. Not in that collaboration-kind-of-way though; I saw her post, loved it, wrote my lines and shared with her. And she liked it! 😀 That said, do check her out– I promise she will blow your mind away…

Leila Reign

where do you end and

I begin?

we are apart but


one soul with

different perspectives

and experiences.

this is more than

magic my love.



a little here

a little there

somewhere between

that’s where we meet.

beating hearts, mingling souls

our differences

ebb into nothingness.

here, now,

this rhythm called us,

is something more than magic

my love.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


10 thoughts on “More than Magic.

  1. This rhythm called us
    Deconstructed and separated; unique and distinct
    Together; still all of that and much more
    Oh, the moves we inspire

    Where do I end and you begin?
    This calls to mind the relationship between the waters of the earth and the land
    Distinct at some points
    Clearly together at others
    Nevertheless, the rock on which they stand is sure
    How is it that all the unique force constants that are required align in this system, only on the earth
    My love, this rhythm called us is more than magic

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      1. Tony Tony! My person! Lol. See the way you just did both sides of the collab into an awesome thing. We should work together sometime, if the muses let.

        Thank you! ❤ 😙

        Liked by 1 person

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