Zoe Du.

Dear Diary,

You know the kind of joy that besets your heart and sneaks into your eyes in the guise of tears? The kind that starts from the pit of your belly, and travels up through your diaphragm and blood vessels; and fuels your heart beat with untamed electricity; and sends your hormones a-bursting– flourishing throughout your being like a revelation of some sort— and then escaping from your lips in that solemn sound; like a gust of light wind– beautiful beautiful melody. It is the sound of your own laughter, but a little too different; so you place your hands over your mouth, afraid no one would understand your concerns…

That kind of joy is what I feel right now. I am not the best kind of friend… too often even, I fall short of expectations and refuse to do or say or try– because I don’t know how. But when someone somehow still finds a way of making my flaws look so beautiful, I tear up and tear down– and feel giddy; yet thoroughly undeserving. Zoe Du.

My flat mate, Zoe, made my day today; giving me a handwritten collection of poems (a late, yet never-better-timed birthday gift)– for me, about me, and more, for us– a souvenir of our days spent together in this beautiful strange land. I read through each page, and cried as I laughed. I am still in shock; still very much enthralled, and even unsure of how to say “thank you”. Zoe, your love and kindness is illuminating. How did I get so lucky?


Thank you Zoe, for every little big thing; the promise of your friendship and most importantly, for your ever ready smile. I appreciate you, through and through. I shall remember you, every now and every then. In every word, or hand-written note, or every smile, or gentle kindness– or even in the quiet of solitude; as fond memories of days walked along the enchanting sea-side keep me company…

for zoe

Here’s cheers to your very timely surprises, your beautiful mind, and indeed every inch of your being.

Thank you. ❤


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


5 thoughts on “Zoe Du.

  1. Dear Rofiah,
    I am so glad you lije my gift! It took me a bit long because sometimes there are emotions I feel I could not put into words. I love your post and I smile at every word. It is just a huge blessing. I find it so wonderful the way we are able to know each other through words and how words make our souls closer. Thank you for your post and I hope that my poems have given you joy^.^

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    1. Doctor, oh Doctor. We all need a friend like you too– friends whose words embrace you in a cascade of warmth. Friends like you, are the reason to keep believing… in life, love and being. Thank you Dr Swag. I appreciate you… ❤

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