The art of Be-dazzling.

A lot of us Nigerians might well be familiar with the delectable VicO. As it stands, one of the most impressing moments of my life would always remain the day my very darling Lisumi and Weng (amazing company, those two), shared his hawt tech video- After Party- with me. I remember my reaction had been one of disbelief at first, then disgust, then wonderment, and finally a laugh fest. Like boy, what?! Days after that, I had come across his interview on Toke Makinwa’s show, and it left me sore from even more laughter and shock. Now imagine my near-nervous-wreck when I heard he did a cover to Adele’s Hello. And ‘m like what-the-hell-next?! I thought he had to be delusional, or downright crazy, or just a freaking comedian on an April Fool bout that won’t cease in the nearest future– whatever it is, I couldn’t pass up on following his Twitter and (more recently) Instagram accounts. I had to be kept up to date…

It is one thing to dislike a musician’s genre of music, another to dislike the personality of the musician, and a totally different thing to dislike the music of the musician. With VicO, I am not quite sure, I can’t quite figure… it might well be a total package, or not? I mean — After Parry, Why Evils, Hello (Cover), instagram jabs at Kemi Adetiba and just recently a skit featuring Woifadada— mbok, you see why it’s difficult for me to take a stand with him? You see, I hate to delve into controversial issues, but this one time, I would hold no thoughts back. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, and unapologetically, this is mine…

I find that in matters like this, it is easy to catch the humour and miss the point. And just as easy to cast aspersions, and miss the lesson being taught. Everyone gets criticised (or midly put, talked about), damn right! In fact, as Tuface and MI rightly put it– if no one talks about you, then you are nobody. But I find VicO’s case particularly interesting and thought-provoking unlike any other– not even nearly as much as Jumoke Orisaguna’s (the bread-seller turned model). In more lucid moments of my life, I see VicO as a force of nature; a teacher. In him, I see someone imbued with guts that talents cannot buy. That shii is copyrighted, yo! In moments of truth, I realise how much I respect him– maybe not him per se; but his tenacity, drive, un-ignorable-ness. The lovers of good music are furious! The promoters of talent and originality are fuming with rage! While a lot of endearing soulful original musicians abound without support, without recognition, or even a shred of awareness of the truth they possess in the voice from their mouths; or the words from their pen– there goes a VicO, doing absolutely nothing right, yet living so many people’s dream. I mean, how can we miss the point? It is not much as what you sell, or half as much as how you sell it, but how much you believe in how you do what you do.

In fact, before now, I thought it was clear– the lesson I have learnt from VicO over time; but now, it seems not. Because I find it difficult to put it into exact words. You see? You see what he does to me? Having the quality of unsuredness and undecidedness— so much so that people are not sure whether to hang you just yet, or give you another chance (to make a fool of yourself or prove them the heck wrong!). That, that… maybe that is it– if you can’t convince them, confuse them. Gem factor! You see how VicO has left my thoughts scattered all over the place? That is a rareness you find only in great achievers. It isn’t about what you are doing wrong or how many things you are doing right, it is the guts, the effontery to have your way against all odds. It is the might of confidence in yourself that leaves everyone somewhere between being amused, bedazzled and irate.

My point? Talents are admirable. But Confidence takes you where talent won’t. Simply put, never underestimate the power of your belief in your own self.


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


2 thoughts on “The art of Be-dazzling.

  1. The last paragraph. I legit don’t understand why so many people dislike him. He’s representing himself. It’s up to you to figure out if you want to associate with that representation or not.

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