Signs and Ex-es.

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I was hungry, and restless but too tired to cook up any surprises and very much in need of some crisp air, and Lara’s lazy frame glued to the sitting room cushion, surrounded by a jar of pringles and 1 litre Coke bottle with eyes fixated on the Africa Magic movie she was watching, didn’t offer too many promises of a lunch-full afternoon. If I didn’t do something, I knew I would have myself to blame. While I was craving my usual White House Amala and Ewedu, with Goat Meat; I ended up settling for Smalls half-cooked warm and starchy fried rice and Chicken, which cost me a brisk five-minute drive to Maryland. I had handed the hot thing behind the counter my one thousand naira note, enjoying his dysfunction and clumsiness as he tried to get me my change when a familiar voice arrested my attention.


I looked back to find Mayowa Ekundayo, Meku for short, in his 6ft glory; one hand hosting a bag of Smalls goodies and the other housing a little girl’s hand. My heart fell, so he’s married?!

“Meku!!!” I finally found the bon-homie cheery voice in me. “How have you been?” I added, as we closed in a rather long brief hug.

“Good. Good. Girl, ten years and you’ve not changed one bit.”

How we go do na! As Iya Basira beans nur gree gimme wings!” I offered, in my familiar pidgin accent.

He guffawed. My eyes returned to the darling creature whose hands were still well locked in his. Her eyes were a compelling grey. “Oh my!” I bent to engage her in a little chat “Cutie cutie darling. How are you?”

“Fine.” she replied shyly, letting her face split into a single toothed grin, nonetheless. Then, I wasn’t sure anymore which one of her eyes and her smile did the most magic in my heart. She was beautiful.

I stood to regard him again, this time with a mock plea face “It’s so nice to see you again dear. You know I would so love to engage you in a chat now, but i’ve got to be home.”

“Ah, so fast? I was thinking we could just stay back and play catch-up. Damn, it’s been soooo long. Let me take your number, because I know iffa give you my card na, you fee nur call until 2020.”

I laugh. Ah, he remembers me well enough. In seconds, we exchanged numbers and I bade him and the darling girl goodbye.

His call came in later that evening. I didn’t know he was the one at first, as I hadn’t saved his number earlier. I saw no reason to try to get re-acquainted with a college ex who is now married and with a kid, but as his voice gave him away, memories came pouring back.

“H-hey Meku, I wasn’t expecting your call so soon.”

“Well… so what’s up! What’s been happening? I swear I never thought i’d see you again.”

I smiled. Yeah well, me too. “Not much really. I promise you haven’t missed much. Just work, and the regulars…” I gave him a brief load down on my Masters, and various jobs hither and tither. I left the hiccups and break-ups out of it.

“Nice!! I always knew you’d do great!” He talked a bit about his work life and some– “so how about family!” he prompted.

Family is great Meku, thanks. Mum and dad are in Dubai for the Summer, Lara is doing good too.” I sneak back a chuckle. Of course, I knew what he meant by Family, but I wasn’t giving easily.

“Bola! And you and I know you know I know you know what I mean when I say Family o!” I laughed out loud then, unable to help myself. “Okay, oya are you married? If no, seeing someone?”

I sighed. “Well, no. Lucky, you now stand a chance of getting an invite in due course.”

“Hahhhah. Getting an Invite ke? How does the bride give the groom an invitation to their own wedding?”

I laughed at the message he was trying so hard to get across. “So how’s your wife? And I forgot to mention earlier today, your daughter is such a cute thing! Damn.” I was hell-bent on aborting his plans, whatever they were. Who dares play ten-ten with a thirty year old girl’s (point of correction, lady’s) feelings?!

“Errm… Oh, my niece. Yeah, she’s adorable! I keep telling Solape that that babe is not from our genes, so she should never take the credit when people compliment Sandra. And wife? Well, once you say yes, i’ll know where to go from there.”

I laughed, very loud– partly to cover my embarrassment and what my assumptions almost cost me, and partly to his subtle and inviting comments. I sighed! Mayowa Ekundayo, my first year boyfriend back in the University whom I broke up with for reasons I couldn’t bring myself to remember on that spot.

“You know up till now I am still trying to understand why you broke up with me.” he said, in a half-statement-half-question manner, I wasn’t quite sure if he expected a response. “I loved you. Damn, I– I spent the whole of final year hoping you’d one day call me and tell me it was a just a joking sturv.”

I laughed. “See Meku, it’s been ten years–“


My breath caught in my throat. How did I ever break up with someone like him?

“Just one more try Bola… one more try. We were young, yes; maybe not so ready, i’ll agree. But here we are, ten years down the line– you are single, I am single. And I happened to bump into you at the eatery just after a rather cliché meeting with mum and dad on when I was going to bring ‘her‘ home to greet them. I almost didn’t come to Smalls; in fact, I wouldn’t have come if Sandra, who’s holidaying at their place, had not burst into a heat of tears when I announed i’d be leaving until I bought her Cake and Ice Cream from Smalls. After promises of Domino’s Pizza on my next visit fell on deaf ears, I found myself acceding to her demands, and guess who I bumped into? You.”

Talk about signs. I almost didn’t go to Smalls too. Is the Cosmo conspiring with Gaia to tell me something? Or it’s just Karma having fun? I chose the former. Lara walked into my room then, her eyes keen on me with suppressed mischief like she had been eavesdropping the whole time. I averted her gaze, re-focusing on the bigger issue at hand. To date (an ex) or not to date, that’s the question.

“Bola?” he called again, his voice betraying hope and want for a miracle. It would break my heart to break his heart again, without even appearing to try to ‘not break it’. Besides, what have I got to lose? I reasoned.

“Fine. One more try.”

“Yasss!” he screamed, and I laughed. “It will be worth it, I promise.”

And that was it. We fixed a date for Sunday. I was bursting with a nexus of feelings, that I couldn’t help but confide in Lara, my kid sister who was bound to know anyway when Meku came to collect me the next day.

“But there’s a reason why it never worked in the first place…” she retorted, her good judgement trying fruitlessly to quell my glee as I picked out what to wear the next day.

“Well, there’s a reason why I went to Small’s today.” I replied, hellbent on sustaining Cosmo’s plan for me.


Two things:::

  • Do you believe in signs? And–
  • Would you date an ex?


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


19 thoughts on “Signs and Ex-es.

  1. I believe in signs, stars aligning and all of that. Things happen for a reason I think. Whether or not we can figure out those reasons is another story. I visited with a former high school boyfriend, who I could not remember why we broke up either. We had a great visit. Very wonderful indeed it seemed. Then I returned home to barely hear from him and then he faded into nothing. Not sure why or what happened, but it was a fun visit nonetheless.

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    1. I have sure had those moments too. Those sheer fun moments that seem to promise so much more but fade into a smart abrupt end. I like that it didn’t stop you from appreciating the beauty of the little after-time you shared with him… everything happens for a reason indeed.

      Thanks a lot for sharing Nato. I appreciate you. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was fun: the build up of excitement and anticipation of meeting an old flame after 25 years, seeing a new place… But overall, it opened my eyes to what I didn’t need too. So good all around though little confusing and painful when it died so fast. Life lessons though, so you have to appreciate it.

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  2. *Exhale*

    I used to believe in signs until it failed. I realized that those signs were simply put coincidence.

    Circumstances do not show God’s leading, though His leading can be supported by them.

    Short Black Girl?

    I don’t do Ex – es. Not now, not ever.


    I left in the first place for a reason and it takes a lifetime for some people to change.

    Trust my judgment on this, I’ve been down that lane.

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    1. Right? These things are tricky. The signs seem to work one day, the next day they go poof— talk about lessons of a lifetime!

      True, people take forever to change; if they ever change, that is.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I appreciate you. ❤

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  3. Errr date an ex? Tricky. .really tricky. .first off what were the issues that caused the breakup in the first trial and have they been resolved? I still keep in touch with my Ex (s)…but trust me going back to date an ex isn’t for the faint hearted. Somethings are best left in the past.

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    1. I totally agree with you. Keeping in touch is fine, dating is a whole different ball game. Same story, different days.

      Thanks for dropping by mine Bass! 🙂


      1. Awwn. Good thing you’re following our blog now! Stick around for the subtle revelations, will ya? 😀

        Thanks again. Me and my holidaying muses appreciate you. ❤


    1. Lool @ turning anything into a sign. Gee, makes two of us! I think every gaddamn thing is a sign. Every.gaddamn.thing. Hahah!

      Thank you for dropping your thoughts on this ma’am. I appreciate you. ❤

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  4. White-House Amala and Ewedu, you did not mention gbegiri…heavenly stuff! Does Smalls really exist in Maryland? Make I try am out. Nice one as usual…SO REAL!! Would be dumb of her to test the waters again without dealing with the reason they broke the first time…REAL DUMB!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heheh… Choi, how cuddi have forgotten to add that to the mix? Silly me! Errm… Biggs/Smalls. 😀

      Yeah? Once beaten twice shy! I hope she learns.

      Thank you my good Doctor! ❤

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  5. Some folks will tell you that when the past comes calling, let it go straightways to voicemail; seeing as its got nothing new to say! In the story depicted here however, I’d say these two do come across like they’ve got ‘unfinished business’ and should therefore totally take another chance, a shot; a fall…whatever! I mean; whatever do they have to lose?! They’re still pretty much both single and ready to mingle, and most importantly; they obviously still feel very strongly towards each other! Same people but in another time and place….I say why the heck not??? 😁 Afterall, William .M.Thackeray affirms that ‘To love and win’s the best thing, to love and lose…the next best thing’! 😄 If this ‘business’ leads and terminates at the altar…fine, if not; not-so-bad but not to explore the possibility at all would be a real shame! 😆

    Am a firm believer of signs and especially of destiny, and if these two were indeed meant to be and were made for each other, then; no forces or circumstances could possibly wrench ’em off of each other! Its just what it is…one of those many ‘mysteries’ mortals have absolutely no explanations for, nor total control over! I believe its called fate…..for good or bad nonetheless! 😂

    This totally made for an interesting read ME! The ensuing dialogues and this Meku guy’s suave….he’s got some SEE-rious game going on with ’em pick up lines! He absolutely did put his charms and persuasive abilities into overdrive, enough for Bola to just wanna take the plunge and go it again! And dare I say it but Bola’s fallen hard….under his spell! Hopefully, the second time around would be a total charm! Write on Sparkly, writing looks mighty fine on ya!😃👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! I get you ma’am, totally! And i’ll agree with you. What’s to lose, really? In all, I guess it really just depends. Sometimes we’ve just got to follow our guts and see where it takes us…

      Thank you so much for gracing my page with your fine comment! And that quote- oh, I love! Thank you again ma’am. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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