Flash Fiction: Emma.

“Emma… oh no, Emma–” Jacquelyn began to sob again, uncontrollably. Emma perched on the edge of the kitchen pantry, scanning across the grim faces in the room. Cold drilling eyes, metallic stares, empty smiles, loud tears. It was 2:00am, cold and chilly in the wake of January’s biting winter breeze, sirens blared, questions arose, word got round– an occupant on the fourteenth floor just jumped to her death.

“Easy miss. Can you explain what exactly it is you saw?”

Jacquelyn began again, this time differently, “I had come to the kitchen to get some ice cream, and I noticed it was super chilly…”

The world seemed a brighter grey; a new kind of happiness arrested her soul. For the first time, she was the only thing on everyone’s lips.


“Me and Emma…”

“I saw Emma…”

“–sister, annoyingly adorable”


“She’s gone.”



© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Emma.

  1. ..I think this is mighty creative and if I get you right…we should always appreciate people close to us as much as possible. Appreciation should not come after we have lost them..In this month of love, let someone know he or she is special…GREAT one ME…..

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  2. Its a fine line between cute and creepy! Now, I get the part of being ‘popular’ and emerging as the center of attention but what sorta person plunges to their death as a way of finally getting noticed or ought that be raking in some amount of recognition?! 🙉 Emma’s totally off her gourds and Jacqueline….if only I could make her out and make complete sense of what she’s on about! 😩

    A dark intriguing and bizarre tale, pretty abstract too! The more I look, the far less I see! Twisted!!! 😈😁

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    1. I know right? Twisted! There are different ways one might look at it. I haven’t exactly read a lot about suicide cases or on suicide notes, but I know that often, people who jump to their own deaths are the kind one would never imagine had a trifling worry in the world e.g. Robin Williams. Who would imagine that someone who brought joy to people would be lacking that same thing in his own life?

      It’s just me trying to explore that dark side of people’s mind that I know very well may exist. A lot of people are going through a lot of things in their daily lives, that they do so well to cover up. Hearts are shattering. Nerves are failing. Souls are raging. And we may never know until it’s too late– but like my good Doctor said, for that sheer reason, we should do our bit to sow a little seed of shine whenever we can; wherever we are… who knows who might save a life, or stop a plunging soul from hitting the ground? You never know.

      Thank you for giving me a reason to recall the thoughts that were raging in me before I put this piece up. ❤

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      1. That bit ’bout Robin Williams passing in the way he did pass on….sent shock waves throughout the world! I guess its true the saying that the funniest people lead less than humorous lives…I mean; who woulda thought?! 😩

        Thank YOU for keeping us informed and entertained dear, you rock wella! 😤😂

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