The Letter.

Dear You,

It’s been two weeks since I last heard, saw or read from you. Two weeks. Shockingly miserable! What happened baby? Last I remember, we were on a fairly good note; despite the subtle drama that played out towards the end of December, I thought we were good… can you now riddle me this distance?

It’s hard not to think of you. Through the long walk to and from school, the slow walk down Tesco’s, the jog to and from the Gym… every fucking alley, path, signpost and landmark reminds me of you. Even the bus station. The bus station baby. Remember? Remember the first day I met you was at the bus station? I was on my way to Fratton to get my hair done, and there you was… shuffling unhurriedly towards me… well, maybe not me- but to the bus station. It doesn’t matter anyway! And I had been humming sonorously to Simi’s Tiff and you said nothing– till we got on the bus, and you sneaked out of your male ego for a second to tell me I have the most beautiful voice ever! I blushed. But I deviate– the bus station. I have loved you from the very first time I set my eyes on you. My heart raced, my throat dried, my loins tightened… and that is how I feel every time I return there. Alone, and missing something I had once found before.

Oh baby, how can I forget you! Remember “The Other Side of Cool“, “Thought Rush“, “Rebound“, “The Mishap“? We wrote those together! Entangled in the tiny couch in my living room, my head on your chest; your hands in my hair… you inspired me, led me, taught me. And ah, “About Friday Night“, that will always remain one of my favourites! Because– because we made love right after the last fullstop in that piece, for the first time. We had laughed so much and teased about it. And you tickled me silly, till we were just a kiss apart. And you looked into my eyes, while I looked into yours. It was 7pm my head warned but gravity– gravity won! So we kissed, again for the first time. And your hands roamed through my body, deliciously. My spaghetti top and bum short gave way to a mass of nerves, and skin, and tightened peaks and hollow dips… it happened. And that has since been one of the most beautiful moments of my life, every other day my eyes met yours trumping the last.

Those three words are the most magic my head can make out now. I fucking miss you. I love you! Despite the crushes, and side attractions– you remain; in possession of my heart, containing the best parts of me that I ever knew. I find peace with you. I find wholeness in us. It’s hard to function these days– nothing works! Every damn thing reminds me of your hands in mine, or my lips melting inside yours, or you inside of me… I– I just can’t function.

So is this the end? You know I had written many other letters to you in the past (which I never sent). The first one in fury, the second in misery, the third an apology, the fourth sort of a quiz, the fifth– well, point is ‘ve always wanted to get in touch, to keep in touch, to write to you, read from you. But I couldn’t! I mean, it’s not me, it’s you! You left baby. You walked out that door without a word. Why should I be the one to say sorry? Why should I take you back even if you came begging?

Yet, I have resolved to grow past my childishness, insecurities, doubts and pride; and I have written you this letter to, more than recount the beautiful moments we shared and tell you I miss you, to say I am sorry for every wrong thing I might have said– and all the right ones I didn’t say. You. You, darling, are everything that matters to a dreamer like me. The ink, the paper, and the dream.

Lest I forget, my readers miss you too. And they want to know, dear Muse, is this the end of everything?

The Insecure Writer,
Miss Me.


Happy New Year lovelies!


© The Short Black Girl, 2016.


18 thoughts on “The Letter.

  1. Hmm, if this letter had started like [ Dear you, it’s been 7months ..] . Would have probably thought the letter was written to me .Anyways ,I miss you, dear insecure writer. Life has happened to you so much, it bleeds through your pen. Remember, time’s only duty is to get past. You’ll come around ! ditto- Bimbola

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  2. On point! I like the style and the way yiu made everything come together while advertising old blog posts too. Thia your sense no get Part 2 🙂
    The signature at the end, ‘Miss Me’ has that doubke entendre effect which is properly realised too.
    May the days smile and grace give us peace.

    Happy New Year

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  3. Wow! Every single lettering of this letter seduces! Plus, for an ‘insecure’ writer; gurl you do have a way with words! You coulda fooled me but…nah! Not Quite! 😆😆😆

    If that Muse of yours stumbles upon ‘this’ and this does nothing for him…as in, he doesn’t deem it fit to report for duty Pronto; then he surely must be missing a human heart; and a gaping hole’s what now obtains where his heart used to be lodged! 😂I mean, these lines; who can resist?! This sizzles ME, wayy too ‘hawt’! 🔥Infernal! 💣😆

    The articulation, eloquence…the careful detailing; you do know more than enough bout evoking emotions ME! This totally grabs…literally! 😂😂😂

    Happy New Year ME; have you a beyond great year! ❤😄

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    1. Hahah! Madam Yemie! You don’t know how glad I am to have you back here, or do you! I had been missing all ’em sweet, sugary comments from you and everyone else that I had to reach out to Le Muse somehow. I am glad it rocked! And oh, he’s well got a heart… because he waltzed right in not long after I put this up here– and boy! The make-up game was t.i.g.h.t! Hahah.

      Happy New Year to you too mami. Wishing us an outstanding year ahead- Of words, good loving, and great living! Feliz ano! 😉

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  4. “Me? Is that you?”
    I had to read this TWICE to realise you were talking about your writer’s block, and not a boyfriend!
    Wait, am I even right?
    You’ve blown me to pieces with your writing. Right now I’m very green with en………….enthusiasm.

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    1. Hahah! Oh my blush, blown to pieces is a good thing, ‘n ‘m so glad! Thank you, thank you Subman– for reading, and dropping fine comments every now and then. I appreciate you. ❤

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