Hello, Excuse me.


Hola guys! How una side? The Harmattan nko? I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already! While ‘m a Muslim, it is very difficult to miss the glee in the air, especially in this part of the world. Omg! December is happening too fast, no? #sigh

So over the past days, ‘ve been editing, re-editing and sharing my story- “Touched”. I have been through all kinds of criticisms on it– the good, the bad and the UGLY! And oh well, I feel the better for it. I want to take out time to thank Daud, Sheedart, and Michael! Now to you Michael, I will say another special “Thank you”. It is funny how great friendships start from the most unexpected “hellos”. I am looking forward to many more years with you as a friend! Thank you, again. That done, and taken out of the way, I have taken the story down to allow me do a much needed re-work on the whole of it, as much as I can. In the nearest future, I think i’ll just stay away from Series altogether, e be like say I don dey old fa, and the series charm nur wan gree work again. Hehe.

To those that read the first three parts, you must forgive me for this. I appreciate you for reading and dropping your kind comments, because from the start, I didn’t think much of the story. It just started as a fun write and it got so big I began to wonder what story I was even meaning to tell from the beginning. These things happen, I believe. But I’ll salute my friends and fellow bloggers Sheedart, Topaz, and HardVoices who effortlessly reel out episodes after episodes of really interesting stories time and time again. I think i’ll come to y’all for lessons sometime.

To other matters: so, just because my friends and I have been too busy and unadventurous to travel to neighbouring cities to see the world this Holiday period, we have decided to give ourselves a treat today! A street tour! Don’t smirk. Half bread is better than Boli. 😀 I hope and trust you all will make a beautiful day today.

Happy Celebrations in advance to my Christian friends. I pray the blessings of the season remain with you. And Happy Maulud to my Muslim friends as well, may Allah accept our supplications upon our Holy Prophet (SAW) and upon ourselves and households! Between, thank you Dtone for telling me about Dec 24th! Heheh. 😀

On this note, i’ll say Chau!


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


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