Christmas came early!

Zoey 'n me

It was some minutes to 7pm, I was rather in a foul mood because it took me an hour to get ’round to ordering for lunch … and the payment went wrong also, plus I had a lot of work to do and I was just not in the mood to fish for amazing memories to keep me afloat… so again, there I was with the bag of un-interesting emotions when a knock came on.

The first thought that came to my head was that my neighbour had ‘finally‘ come to call my attention to the fact that my ‘sound system‘ was tearing the thin walls between us down and disturbing her quiet peace… but the smile that met my un-smiling face, and the conversation that ensued afterwards gladdened my heart. She, my neighbour, had a parcel and pen in her hand… she had gone to do some christmas shopping and thought it nice enough to get me something; a writing pen and a christmas card. I think that was when I found my first smile of the day.

In the card was a hand- written note… beyond the contents, the time and thought behind such simple yet immaculate gift warmed my heart. When last did I receive a hand written note? And more also, when last did I give one out? Zoey, you are as charming as the smile that adorns your face every blessed day. Simple things usually carry the most meaning, and this is one gift that I would always cherish.

Your company is a gift. Thank you for being you, and thinking me worthy of this. God bless you! And Merry Xmas in advance to y’all.




5 thoughts on “Christmas came early!

  1. Aw! That was pretty thoughtful and sweet of your neighbour especially at a time I’d like to term ‘perfect’….when you weren’t feeling any holiday cheer and your mood was pretty fouled-up!

    Christmas really did come early and here’s wishing you a most beautiful time this Yuletide Season; may you feel and partake of its magic to the fullest! 😊😄

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    1. I know right! She couldn’t have come around at a more ‘perfect’ time.

      Thanks Mami! I appreciate you through and through, for your cheery comments, ingenuity and originality; and for being a part of my year.

      God bless you thoroughly.

      Wishing you a fun-filled and cheery yuletide season as well. Sparkle and shine on. Your presence is a gift! ❤

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