If I had a dollar for every time I had a crush on someone, i’d be blooming rich! Say Amen somebody. I mean, it is alarming! So there’s this new hottie in my mind’s town. It’s one thing to be cute, and another to be straight down husband material. If you ask me, I think this dude is about a freaking 100 yards. Truth!

He is in my Spanish Class! I didn’t give him too much thought before. Cute face, cute smile, gentle… just the regular works. Until today, when we were asked to mention two things we want to be in the future in Spanish. Trust human beings! “I want to be a Superstar”, “I want to be a good writer”, “I want to learn how to play the Piano”, “I want to practice Sports”… Yada Yada Yada. But Blooming Grace, I had never before felt so inadequate, shallow, and humbled as I did when he spoke– “I want to have good health” and “I want to make my family happy”. Now I don’t know if you see what I saw, or feel what I felt… but it doesn’t matter, by my standards, those words are just profundo! ‘m like yo man, mi corazón es latido por ti.

Essentially, I know that the beauty of human beings is the uniqueness of their thoughts, wants, and desires. Despite this, I think that it takes a lot of depth to look beyond ambitions, work and academic goals to the more lasting things in life like not just living, but living healthy; and not just being, but being happy. It’s understandable that life gets busier with each passing second; the pressures are a-teeming from religion, family, friends, media, society and then, there’s your own confused thoughts on what’s to be and what’s not to be… but we soon realise that all is naught without happiness. Success is not happiness. Don’t get me wrong. Success makes you happy but it is not happiness. Happiness is a place. A stage of realisation. Happiness is success. It doesn’t matter what you have, or what you own, or how whoever thinks you are, once you attain that stage of realisation, the little things are everything.

I hope that every now and then, in the midst of our struggles and strife to attain our goals in life, we try to strike a balance and always remember that health is wealth and happiness is bae. What makes you happy is your breakthrough! Find it, keep it, and all else would fall into place. Amen Somebody!


Profundo- deep

Mi corazo es latido por ti- my heart’s beating for you.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.



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