A beautiful place.


Here’s a collaboration between myself and a friend. I saw those words “I am so riddled with injuries” on his pm and I made him do this poem with me. It’s his first try at poetry, and I think this is not at all a bad start. Thanks Endaud for the inspiration, and for working with me on this!


I am riddled with injuries
Blood. hurt. murk. funk.
A ragged heart, a punctured soul
Sore. raw. burnt. cut.
But I watch you want me
Prick me with your holy sin
Turn me inside out,
And bare me in your luscious mind
You take me in your cold arms
Cast me into fullness and ripe,
But nothing’s changed
Thrust. Pain. Pleasure. Pain.
Everything. Is. Coloured. In. Red.
Blood. hurt. murk. funk.
You are no different
From the ones that left.


I am riddled with injuries,
Clots, rot, and a haunting glow,
Scars, healing — winter, snow
Save a place for the one that knows.
Harrowed & hollow
Drowning in sorrow
But I come alive in your presence
Anew, in your shadow
For we been down the same haunted road
Coloured in misery, forges & bellows
Wrought in this rainbow darkness–
Beyond the blood,
Hurt, murk, and funk
I’ll show you a vision of solace and haunting tranquility
Kindred souls, you and me
To the bottom of this diamond sea we’ll float
To a beautiful place that is apathy.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


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