PING 9: You are Enough.


Read, and tell a friend.


“Sometimes it’s convenient for us to train our minds on what belongs to us and what does not. “I don’t deserve this”, “I don’t deserve him”. We tell ourselves that we are worth this, but not worth that… and sometimes, we tell ourselves we are not even worth anything at all. Maybe it’s modesty, maybe it’s a trick against not getting hurt when others actually don’t see anything in us… one truth is, we are wrong! We are worth joy, happiness, peace, love and glee. We are worth moments, memories, celebrations and anniversaries. We are worth truth, honesty, loyalty, and respect! We are worth a chance to believe in how much enough we are for ourselves. So the next time something beautiful happens to you, don’t ask why me?, ask why not me?. And the next time someone looks down on you or doesn’t recognise your immense worth, say a little prayer for them and move on, because guess what, it doesn’t make you any less enough.”


Β© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


8 thoughts on “PING 9: You are Enough.

    1. No plagiarism Kingsley darling. All my pretty minds musing. You know hopeless romantics get on the motivational end of the stick too sometimes. Hehe.

      Muchos Gracias.


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