The testament.


Her heart lay
Smudged, and worn
In her hollow chest,
Lacking warmth–
It strained with each
Breath she took, and
Soon broke before she knew.
Shards toppled over
Shards– pain coloured
Her innards bright.
She hurt, a brilliant
Brimming kind of hurt.
But not a clue
Did her powder blue
Eyes pool. They shone
In contrast to her
Renting soul’s grief.
And so she passed
On, bit by tinny bit,
And so her light
Wore off, dim by
Damning dim. But oh
She lived, and loved,
And dreamed in colours.
She hurt, and burnt
In the throes of passion.
Yet when she left,
She remained–
As a memory, an apparition
A testament, of love
Gone wrong.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


13 thoughts on “The testament.

  1. I felt the shards of her pain slashing my heart, that is how real you penned this one sis….The hurt you wrote into our hearts is so raw….you are getting better and better at this Me….However, most times what we feel is love is not…Love is NEVER destructive…It heals, it binds, it builds….it nurtures and whispers sweet nothings, It gives and gives and gives….we are usually the better for it and not worse….Love is the sweetest thang….

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    1. Oh, this rocks! I know Dr Swag, love is infinitely beautiful– but I think even beautiful has its own shades. Maybe that’s where the trouble lies.

      Thank you for this. I hope someday my heart writes more of love’s wonders than its woes. I hope. Thanks again! ❤

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  2. Love is a two edged sword, Dr Swag, it can indeed be a destructive force…
    Me, this is a very powerful poem…
    you wield your words with the skill of a seasoned samurai warrior…
    “Shards- pain colored” powerful imagery

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  3. Some heart-wrenching testament this is ME, the hurt’s soul-dipping and soul-deep! There’s nothing fantastic bout love going wrong, its plain devastating and traumatizing! Plus, Martin Luther King asserts that there can be no deep disappointment, where there’s not deep love! So I totally get the pain leaping out at me from these wonderfully concocted lines!

    You did love Sweets, and soo deeply too! Cry not that its over, but smile instead that it happened! I assure you this….you’ll love again, the right one who’ll reciprocate with as much of an intensity as you do him! You’ll learn then that love in the real sense of the word, is a beautiful thing; its not destructive! Mortals give their own meaning to what love ought to be, but in the actual sense of the word, as the Lord made it; its the best ever feeling! 😊😄

    Once one gets past the overwhelming sadness springing from these lines, the rest is well….perfect! You totally went all out on this one! Kudos! 👉😉

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    1. Thank you Yemie ma’am.

      And God, I know… I know love is a beautiful thing! It’s we mortals that douse it in our impurities.

      But we’ll be fine after all. Time heals, and soon, we’ll be as good as new!

      Thank you again ma’am. ❤

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