Scars and Souvenirs.


Rough patches
Caress edges
Where once laid
Your gifted hands–

Kisses you paid
My homely skin
Burn with a fierceness
That renders me tense–

The bed, and sheets
Still carry your smell
Your silent moans
Still fill my air–

Yet I,
Unmade. Undone.
Lay in the wake
Of this glorious mess
Hurt. Cut.
Alone. But not.
Riddled with tortuous memories
Relics of a war we never fought.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


18 thoughts on “Scars and Souvenirs.

    1. Haha. I am so glad! I particularly love the title myself. It’s from an August Challenge ‘m working on on IG, I loved what I was able to do with it and thought to share it on here.

      I should go Google that album. I can imagine that anything with this title would make a remarkable impact. Thanks for dropping a thought. 🙂

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  1. What’s IG? And hmmm, a challenge you didn’t tell me about abi? Anyways, tomorrow is Tuesday 🙂

    But to this poem: interesting poem. Not written in your usual style… Was a bit mish-mashed but there was a rhythm to it and some fine tale too. Wondering at most of your line inversions though… There are a few issues but don’t worry, we will fight over them at the right time… I will only mention, for now, that you take away the ‘and’ from the first line of the second stanza. Also, see if you can take out any word that isn’t necessary…is it possible to have either ‘bed’ or ‘sheets’ instead of both? That will be nicer.

    Over all, well done on the whole piece. I see your poetry coming back strong. Nice. I throway salute.

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    1. Thanks Su’.

      Looking at that second stanza again, I see now that it sounds way better without the “and”. How did I not see that?

      But the bed and sheets— we’ll fight about that one at the right time.

      I noticed too, that the bit came through a bit disjointed, esp the last stanza. But I just had to get the words out someway, and you know how much I hate form!

      To more CATEGORICAL issues, you rock! Thank you so very much. ❤


  2. “Relics of a war we never fought” I love this line!
    Love is a war, and most of us don’t realize it…fighting with ourselves whether or not what we feel is real; whether what we perceive as love is true; what to do about it; how to go about it; how to preserve it;
    Then a war with the other person’s emotions…and all this is fought in the mind. if one is “lucky’ and there are now twists and complications (like Felicia) then, such war can be an all consuming one
    Lovely Poem

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    1. Thank you Topaz. Indeed love is war. Some win, and some others just lose even before it begins– with their unending doubts and overwhelming sentiments.

      I appreciate you! ❤


    1. Hello Toria! Whoa, you been gone too long; but ‘m sure glad to have you back on here! You should gist us about what happened during your hiatus– we are so eager to hear it! 😀

      Plus, glad you found me– again. I hope we are able to continue from where we left off without hitches.

      Cheers Toria! And thanks for reaching out. Between, never go away without a fore- notice again. Lool! We missed you. ❤

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