Rounded eyes,
Inviting feral lips,
Made up a face I could barely resist-
And when we kissed
The magic he roused
Did so much to douse to bits,
The poison he poured
In the guise of love.
And nothing warned me-
Not his burning touch
Or empty words.
For I was too engrossed
In my own folly
Befuddled by everything about him
I thought was real.


Oh how she danced
Like a viral whirlwind
Setting my mind
In a lovestruck spin
And so I spun, head over heels
For I had never before seen
A woman like this.
And soon we kissed like hungry thieves
Ravishing tongues with impatient ease
And her
Lethal hands stroked my body
As poring blackened eyes cast a cold spell on me
But It took a lonely night
And a breaking heart
To realise I had only been
A passing scene.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


9 thoughts on “Masquerade.

  1. when affection is measured by the thermometer of body heat locked in the embrace of passion and physical attraction;
    when love is weighed by chemistry
    then the inevitable error of shattered heart is a certainty

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Word! There’s this Yoruba proverb that says ‘Eni ti a ba fi ijo fe, Iran ni yoo wo lo.’

      I just think there’s more to love than chemistry, if only we’d allow ourselves delve beneath the allure to what lies within.

      Thanks Topaz! ❤


    1. Hahah! That’s the beauty of poems Ridwan. It allows everyone the liberty to deduce their own meanings from the cacophony of words– to introduce the writer to the many other nuances he hitherto was not aware his story contained.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate you. 🙂


  2. It is amazing how the force of attraction can masquerade as love…Thing is a low usually follow the high and many are left with the taste of ashes in the mouth. Love is beyond an outer magnetism. It is an inner feeling that can never be explained and It never masquerades…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Truth! We mistake so many things for love and often end up heart broken and sore. We can only hope to recognise love when we find it.

      Thanks doc! ❤


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