“Guess what, he said he wants a divorce!”


Good morning again Lovelies! I got a Daily Post prompt yesterday, which read “call someone, or ask the person next to you what he/ she is thinking, and write about it!” My first thought was what?! And then, I burst into a feat of giggles as I dared myself to take on the challenge.

So I called! And she said, “Guess what, he wants a divorce!” And I’m like “Halleluyah, but what?!”

While it might have been so much more fun writing about what we discussed, I am a little angry typing this post out. I don’t get it, that some men can be so damn insensitive and too old for reasoning sometimes. Okay, this is a little gist about the issue on ground. It’s a typical rich wife, struggling hubby story, and as you would guess, hubby feels so threatened that his wife is thriving. In fairness to the woman, she tries! She is one very generous and giving woman who hates to see the people around her in need. So she just gives, even without expecting a dime in return. She pays the rent, fuels the car, buys foodstuff for the house once in a while, and just about keeps the house running. Just so he doesn’t feel less than a man, she consults him on things and asks him for money for basic house needs – not because she doesn’t have it, but just so he can feel in charge!. She buys him clothes, and gifts – so he looks good!, she pays his tuition fees – dude is yet to bag a proper degree!; but the silly lot that he is, just writes off all the debt he owes to a never- ending tomorrow. She works 8am – 5pm, and so does he, but he’s too much of a man to help around the house. No, I don’t get it. I just think it is grossly unfair!

This goes on for a while, and a cute baby comes along. There’s even more responsibility! Diapers, school fees, baby upkeep, plus the usual rent, clothing’s, foodstuff and all! But hubby is still blinded by hate to step up his game. Wifey still pays his tuition, takes care of rent, takes care of his parents and hers, provides for the baby’s needs (except baby milk and diaper which she has refused to add to her long list) and makes life a little worth living for all of them. Who better than he thanks God for having such a capable wife, and prays to be able to own up to his responsibilities one day so he can pay her back and feel as he should, a man! Yet, all he would do is go to work, come back late (claiming he is not responsible for the traffic on the road), expect already made dinner when there is the baby to care of after a long day at work and he won’t even offer to take care of the baby while she rustles something for them to eat. Osiginni?! I shudder at the thought, and hurt for she who is on this spot! Why?

After a long time overdue, wifey decides enough is enough! No more loans or bad debts, especially because most advances/loan he takes remain unsettled for a very long period of time, until they’re forgotten! No more paying of his school fees, no more birthday gifts (it’s bad enough that during wifey’s birthday, hubby will always say ‘alert never chow!‘ and for the life of me, I can’t believe he almost rendered the same excuse on his son’s birthday! Bhet why!), no more buying of clothes for him (if he can’t buy for wifey and baby, at least let him buy for himself), infact, the list is so longgggg!!!!!

And while we are still thinking, trying to find a reasonable and tenable explanation to hubby’s inhumanity, he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed one bright day, with a dead soggy brain, and says he wants a divorce, simply because wifey said enough is enough? Oh yes, please bring it on! You won’t be missed!

*sigh! It’s sad, more for the little one, than even the mother involved. But hey, if he files that divorce, i’ll be the first to congratulate her!

And so once again lovelies, she said “guess what, he wants a divorce”, and I said “Halleluyah, but what?!”


To y’all going through this kind of trouble, or something similar oe even worse, I say the Lord is your strength!


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


6 thoughts on ““Guess what, he said he wants a divorce!”

  1. But believe me, the signs were all there during courtship. The story sounds very familiar like what you hear all the time. Ladies just have to look well before they leap into marriage. Marriage is not a victory in itself; which most ladies have taken it to be these days but its rather a very long distance race. You need a lot of resilience, tact and emotional support. If the bros has not been supporting the marriage; I believe both parties will be happier without the marriage. You don’t need a seer or a detective to tell you that the guy is seeing another woman or planning to, there are tell tale signs.

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    1. I totally agree with you, but sometimes the signs are not there- or are we simply blind to it, or is it possible that things just change and go out of hand suddenly? It’s a lot to take in, and with relationships, we just never know!

      On a lighter note, It’s always refreshing to read a new readers comment. Thank you for dropping a thought. ❤


  2. One of the best lines I’ve ever received from someone was exactly as you’ve put it — I was the maid/matron of honor for my sister’s wedding during the most awkward time, for I only had one more week before my divorce would be finalized. I was wallowing in a corner, brooding into a third-or-fourth glass of champagne, when I heard, “I just wanted to say…Congratulations on your divorce. Good for you!” It was my mom’s closest friend who’d gotten a divorce the year before, having been married to a man much like you’ve described. I’ve never forgotten. Anyway, thanks for sharing this!

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    1. That’s something. I don’t want to imagine what it must have been like, but I think that couples should complement, appreciate and compliment each other; and if that is not happening, it’s okay to break away than sit ’round and watch someone else dim your light because they want to shine alone.

      It is a lot, yes. It takes courage, yes. But sometimes we need to piece things to make a beautiful whole… again.

      I am glad you had the courage to do what was best for you at the time and still be there for family. You must have a real big heart. ❤

      Here's me appreciating you for sharing your story, and dropping your thought. All the best to you ma'am.

      Cheers. 🙂

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