Monday Musings: Voice over Looks?


I have always been a fan of sexy voices. Always! But reading Amity’s bit on her crush on an Ibo boy’s voice just made me realise how much more a rich sexy voice means to me.

I have crushed on guys, tons of them by the way, just by speaking to them over the phone. It’s like a therapeutic miracle to me. I could get into this awful mood and just place a call to one of my ‘sexy voice clients‘ and my day would almost be made. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that is how it is!

So again, as I was reading through Amity’s piece, a thought struck me. There’s a lot to trip for in a guy/girl, but let me restrict it to these two perks: voice and looks. So brotherly has got a loooooovely voice, (say you met him through some friend or a dating site or some other social media forum) and you couldn’t even wait to meet him in person before tripping way down in love with him. Of course, he would show you a dozen pictures of himself every now and then, so to you, the setting is almost pitch- perfect. Eventually though, you fix a date, and on seeing brotherly, he’s not so much as his pictures and the frames promised, what do you do? 😦

I don’t want us to get overly analytical on this issue, yeah? Because of course, in the real world, you do not choose a guy simply because he’s got a good voice or simply because he’s gorgeous! But limiting the influences over your choice of man/woman to these two things, voice and looks, which would you go for and why?

By the way, I am still pretty much confused about it myself! I seem to be an oliver twist when it comes to these things. Even, I am tempted to add ‘perfect diction’ to the perks. And guess what, I think I want it all! There is nothing sexier on earth than having a gorgeous partner who has a lovely voice and a good command of English too 😀

So tell me, what’s your thought? Happy Monday people!


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25 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Voice over Looks?

  1. nice one.
    I will definitely go for voice over looks
    I will go for the voice because they will be reading to me all the lovely poems there is
    I really don’t dig looks per say because I connect with the inner being(that is what aliens do… hehehe)

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      1. Obese brother with a pure soul.
        Someone i connect with…
        Looks and all just illusion
        What you see is not what is there.
        The inner being is the being
        ( don’t mind my gibberish. Just my perception )

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  2. I think voice-looks will be fine. The two should just merge abeg. But looks seem more preferable as long as she remains quiet when we are outside.

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    1. Lmao! So this really did crack me up! Why evuls mhan? Lool! I know a cute girl that talks nice, but laughs funny. I guess she’ll be fine with you then. Since you got your voice-looks combo! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by darling!


    1. Lool Ay! So you are an Oliver- twist too. Without mincing words, if the cute lady has a ‘shosh’ voice, you can’t be bothered about her good looks! Choi, Diaris God. Hehehe

      Thanks for dropping a comment boo! 🙂


    1. Lool! We are plenty. The Oliver twist team is getting bigger as more and more people come forward with their confessions, consciously or unconsciously.

      Halleluyah! Heheh 😀


  3. @Amity, I agree with you. Someone once said “if only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.”

    Nothing beats a beautiful soul! Thanks. 🙂


  4. None of the above.
    It’s the eyes…the twinkle as they light up when the lips part in a soul deep smile…I’m a sucker for smiles…

    Will choose looks over voice too…think about it, a beautiful smile is the greatest look someone can wear…

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    1. Ah! That’s how Dr Topaz haff comean goan make me want to add ‘dimples’ to the perks. Your love for smiles, made me remember my love for dimples! Lool.

      Truly, nothing compares to a beautiful smile and a deep boring mirror gaze from that someone. Odikwa, very lovable! I want! Heheh. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by Dr Topaz! 🙂


  5. I’ma sucker for voices. especially the ones that can carry a tune, speak good English and are just rich and velvety. The only other thing I could trip over myself for is a man with a lot going on in his head, I am kind of an Oliver twist, but I’m learning to narrow it down to just a few things. Love this post!

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    1. Ah! I am tripping for that voice description myself. Lool. There’s a lot about a person’s voice that can make the same words carry different meanings when spoken by two different people. I can’t gosh about it enough. Heheh.

      And having a lot going on in his head… hm, like mysterious? I love me some mystery guy too. It makes you want to unravel more and more, and with each discovery, you find yourself falling deeper and deeper…

      Lawd have mercy! 😀

      Thank you for stopping by Purple. I love reading from new readers. 🙂

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  6. Uhm… I’ll really like to say Voice over Looks, seeing that on the average I barely take note of how someone looks. And there’s just that shiver up abi down your spine when a voice makes your head snap in attention.
    But then what happens when your gaze meets the face and it doesn’t match the voice… Hehe. Its gon’ be quite disappointing.
    Eh. Not saying Voice and Looks gotta be perfect match. Just some semblance would do…
    Choi. Now I’m rambling just to dodge the oliver twist camp. I give up. I want both Jor.

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    1. Lool! It’s allowed! Join the Oliver Twist crew babe!

      But really, who doesn’t love it all? Hahah! It just gives you so much peace of mind and pride too when bae’s got heads turning with his voice, and eyes transfixed with his looks! Oh-my-blush! Lool

      Thanks for dropping your bit honey! 🙂


      1. Hahah! Amanya, well— yes, in some way, they do. How cute sounds? Lol! I think that only you can decide that… different folks, different strokes. Hehe..If you ask me though, i’ll say like the taste of butter… you dont hear it, you feel it; gliding through your eardrums to every living nerve in your being…. 😉

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  7. Looks over voice, most ladies voice aint bass and if by chance she has good looks but crocked voice.. Ive got cure
    Tom Tom sweet and gaggling warm water every morning. Lol

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    1. Lmao! Damn bruh, nice one! But the ladies would sure love you better if you’ve got some magic treatment for ‘not-so-good-looks’ too. Hehe.


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