Monday musings: About Selfies.


First of all, Happy Marvellous May!

So I entered this bus this morning, and took my seat jejely in the third row or so, when one ‘corporate lady’ like that hopped in beside some man that had fixed himself beside the drivers seat just about the time I got in.

Few seconds later, I see a bright flash light from the drivers corner and peer forward out of curiosity. I realise it’s a flash light coming from ‘corporate lady’s’ Nokia Camera phone. She’s taking a picture!!! I am astonished, and amused at the same time. Who does that? And quickly, I think to myself, people got guts! Whoa.

I mean, I love taking selfies! But in a bus? With a stranger beside me? And that obnoxious flash light beaming into stranger’s half sleepy eyes at some time before 7 am on a Monday morning? No! Hell nur! And I can imagine she had the full selfie pout on throughout the gig. Gah!


So, I don’t know if this is just me being shy, or just plain paranoid, but mhan, people got guts!

Would you take a selfie anywhere??

Good morning people! And guess what? It’s Monday! 😀


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


15 thoughts on “Monday musings: About Selfies.

  1. front camera only? Yes. Maybe she didn’t see the FLASH coming. Same thing when we don’t expect lightning… hehehe. She’s got guts(es).

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    1. Lool! She didn’t see it coming kwa? She had the audacity to even snap two different flash- full pictures sef. If she didn’t see the first flash coming, she must atleast have known the second will come!


      Thanks for stopping by jare. 😉


  2. Selfie on a bus, yes way… but front cameras only. Thank you. And I make sure no strangers in my pishure *Bros swerve biko* #NoPhotoBombingAllowed.

    In any case, those bus selfies are rare (very)…

    Where you been though?

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    1. Lool Zayta! *bros swerve biko* really cracked me up! Sheybi? How will wan brethren or sisthren for that matter come and spoil fine geh paroles with attaché background! Abeg o. Heheh

      Been? Hm. My sister, the location never enter map o. Lool. Been here and there… trying to keep things in one piece.

      In btw, it’s good to have you here on my blog! Feels like christmas. 😀

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      1. Hahaha… afi christmas na. these days, I just try to stop a little, get more involved with things ’cause outside this online somethings, it’s go go go.
        Besides, stories engage me. so…

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  3. It’s very necessary. I really should ‘get out’ more often myself.

    The real world is ‘involving’ enough, without any extra help. A little conscious distraction to give these stark real days a jab in the nerves is always worth it!

    The Lord is our strength.

    Thanks Zay! 🙂

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  4. Amen. the Lord is indeed our muscle.

    In other news, Jay’s been asking of you. He says to tell you he misses you. This your social media leave is doing us strong thing. Come baaack!!! *pickets blog*

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    1. Lool Zay!

      Thanks, I will check on him.

      You guys are awesome fa. I was thinking about Akals the other day too, and the most I could do was smile.

      I miss y’all too. I hope to be ‘back’ soon. 😀

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